Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Destashing The Stash - #1

Here are the first bundles of fabric for sale.

****It is Judie Rothermel's "Colonial Christmas" collection. There are 27 fat quarters in the collection and an additional 2 yards of coordinating fabric. The fat quarters are $47.25 for the set and the yardage is  $14.00 for the 2 yards.
Postage is an additional $10.85 which includes Delivery Confirmation. Total for "Colonial Christmas" = $72.10 ****SOLD****

****"Twelve Oaks" by Judie Rothermel. Collection: 29 fat quarters. Price  $50.75, postage $10.85 = $61.60 ****SOLD****

***"Nottingham Village" by Judie Rothermel. Collection: 19 fat quarters Price:$33.25, Postage: $5.90 = $39.15  *****SOLD*****

This is a test run...I have much more to come! Please be sure and check back!



Mary Ann said...

Hi Elaine! I just sent payment to you for the last two bundles! That was because if Rosa, who advertised for you on Facebook!!! LOL!
I live in Denmark, but not to worry! My friend is visiting her daughter in California next month, so you can ship it there!
You can send me a confirmation and I can send you the address! Thanks so much in advance!! The fabric is just gorgeous!!! <3

Rosa Robichaud said...

WOW!!! you sold all your bundles, in your #1?!??!?

AWESOME!!! Snoopy dancing for you and those that bought these!!!

It's truly a win-win situation, eh??!?