Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Harley Davidson Shop Hop

Much like a quilter who goes from one quilt store to the next, Jim was on a "mission" to find few things at one of the larger Harley Davidson shops up in the city. After the third one, I thought that this was exactly like a quilter's shop hop.

Jim didn't find the chrome bolt or headlight that he was looking for but enjoyed browsing at the shops. Seeing the new bikes, custom paint jobs and chatting with the service clerks made his day! And those new Harley shirts are really nice.

At one of the shops, actually one of the oldest Harley Davidson shops (1914) I came as close to driving a Harley as I ever would.
I'm a happy camper on the back of the bike and I think I'll stay there!

Our Harley Davidson Shop Hop was fun..the time spent together was "priceless"!




Jan said...

I rode co-pilot, with a friend for 10 years, nothing like it. I still miss getting out every weekend that it wasn't raining, which in SoCal meant most.

Mary said...

This sounds like fun! My friends in college (UCSB - I'm sure you know exactly where I mean!) had motorcycles and we used to ride on the beach every night at sunset. There was nothing like it.

Merilyn said...

I just happen to love bikes!!! I have been to the odd Motor Show and I always head for the motor- bike displays. My dream would be to have an 883 soft-tail Sportster. Your husband will know what I'm talking about LOL!!! Perfect size for a lady rider! My dad and brothers all had bikes, and loved them!!! I am not a good rider, so have opted to be a great pillion!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!