Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thanks for the Support...

Thank you all for the comments that were left yesterday on my post "Vacation Plans Interrupted".

They were all so supportive and made me feel that I wasn't alone in my thinking. Your comments encouraged me to look into other avenues that I hadn't even thought about as well.

Again thank you all for your comments, they were GREATLY appreciated!

As for what I'll be doing on my day off ... I'll be packing my bags for Florida, of course!

I'm going on my vacation ...

Hope you all have a great day!




Cyn ;-) said...

Good for you, Elaine. I am glad you are still going to FL next week. Perhaps this 'break' will let you come back refreshed and with some new ideas about how to handle the management at work. Good luck & have a wonderful time.

Rosa Robichaud said...

I'm like a good bra.... wrapped near your heart and there for "support" where you need it the best! *grin*


Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Have a wonderful vacation!

Frummie said...

You guys will be here in 6 days, almost's 9:17PM here.
I wanna be a bra like Rosa...LOL!
There is a "women's play" here that I was going to get tickets for it, my daughter Jackie said you and Rosa are too young to appreciate it...LOL
I will e-mail you the info. I need Cyn, she's only a year younger than me and would love it *grin*
Love you all

Lisa said...

Happily your vacation plans are not derailed. I know how much I look forward to my time away from work and I too am a planner, so I relate to your situation. Hopefully you can focus on the good times coming soon and not let this situation distract you from your fun! ~~Lisa