Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progress on "Thimbles" Quilt and "Perfect Scissors"

More Jo Morton fabric pulled from my stash for my "Thimbles... a Tribute to Jo" quilt... sorry the picture does not do justice to the colors of these pieces. Trust me, they are gorgeous! Shown here are Jo's "Annandale" and "Indigo Berries" collections.
After work yesterday, I was able to get some "thimbles" cut and YES, they are very small!
But I think I will have some help with the the mail was my order from Karen Kay Buckley!
My "Perfect Scissors" are here! I read your comments from my post on "my" favorite scissors and everyone who commented on Karen's scissors gave them rave reviews. I "needed" to find out more about these scissors and give them a try! And I found them to be ... in my humble opinion... fantastic! 
I put five pieces of fabric together and cut... and they cut perfectly! They held the fabric, there was no distortion or pulling due to their having serrated blades. I think that they will be "perfect" for cutting multiple fabrics that have curved shapes, those times when you can't use your rotary cutter. They are indeed..."Perfect Scissors".

Great day at work and an even greater time at home!




karenfae said...

thanks for the review on the scissors, I had heard of them and wondered if they were worth getting as I have really plenty of scissors - they come in two sizes don't they? and if they do which do you have?

Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics you have pulled out for your project!

Merilyn said...

Thanks for the info about the scissors, I will check them out! Also love the fabrics you have chosen, I recently made a small quilt using the 'Annandale' collection, they're beautiful prints!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Oooooooh.... kaaaaaaay....

1-1/4 inch X 1-1/4 inch is NOT 4 inches!


WOWZER - they's gonna be small, my friend!!!!!

And, will be GORGEOUS, I'm positive! Can't wait to see your prepped kit, Elaine!


Julia said...

Love the fabrics, and they are going to be gtreat little thimble..
Those scissors look great, must try to check them out..
Julia ♥

Julia said...

Bad spelling, wish there was spellcheck on the comments..
" great little thimbles "

bertiequilts said...

are you sewing the thimbles next to each as in a tumbler quilt or are you appliquing them to a a background?

Susan said...

Love the stunning fabrics...You have a wonderful stash to have so many.

This "thimbles" quilt is like the "apple-core" quilt - classics in their own right. Something about the simple repeat of the same shape in so many beautiful fabrics make them wonderful.

Two more "must haves" on my quilts list!!!


Mary said...

I can't wait to see the beginning of the sewn blocks - I love Jo's fabrics, just like most of us. Your quilt will be beautiful!

Jackie said...

Oh those scissors look like they won't fatigue your hands using them a lot...looking at doing an apple core quilt and they would make simple work of it I think :)