Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Favorite Scissors - Dovo

I love my Dovo scissors. I found these to be the best scissors for me. While being light in weight, the blades are very sharp and the point is perfect to use "if" you have to take out stitches. And they fit my hand perfectly!
I have several pairs of Dovo scissors. Since I like to have my hand piecing ready to go with me at any given time, I keep a pair of scissors in my piecing tote.** This is the one I keep in there...the green point protector is a "Clover" product and works great keeping the point safe!
I also have several pairs of scissors that I keep in my sewing room. These are my utility scissors that I use all the time, whether for applique or hand piecing or just cutting out small pieces of fabric. The two scissors on the right I use mainly when appliquéing, one blade is blunt the other pointed.
I also have a special pair of Dovo scissors that I take when traveling. It is a blunt tip and TSA approved. I bought this at the time when you couldn't take a pair of scissors on the plane unless they had a blunt tip. From what I understand now, you can take a pair on scissors on board as long as the blade is 4 inches or less. I'll continue to take my blunt tip scissors though!
As you can also see from my pictures, I have FOB's on all my scissors. They make them easy to locate and identify them as mine when going to classes or retreats. I enjoy the "dazzle" they add and at the same time make a great identifier.
I do have a pair of Gingher scissors that I use to snip machine threads and cut paper. I've had these since I first started quilting in the 80's. They are heavy but great to use for those things I would never use my good scissors for.
In the past I thought I was the only one who had so many scissors. Then I started going to classes and retreats and found out that quilters have multitudes of scissors. I wasn't the only quilter ... we are all (I use this term gently) "addicted" to scissors! I guess its like a carpenter who has lots of tools or a fisherman who has lots of "flies". Every scissor has a different use... and that sure makes sense to me!

What do you think? Do you have multiple scissors for different types of sewing too? I know that there are several of you who "collect" scissors...do you use them all? And what type of scissor do you prefer?
Call me "Curious George"...



** Please refer to my post of January 19th "Type A Personality?" where I talk about my hand piecing tote


Sue said...

I love scissors and I have several pairs that I use. I own two pairs of Dovo, but both of mine have failed me on sharpness.

I really love Karen Kay Buckley's new scissors that really grab the fabric when you cut. Very sharp and comfy:)

karenfae said...

I see all of your scissors have scissor fobs on them. I recently won a scissor fob and wonder do you find it gets in your way? I was trying to figure out which I would put it on.
I have recently heard of the Karen Kay Buckley scissors I see from your previous comment that someone likes them.

QuilterPattiO said...

I have more scissors than figures but they are all special. Since I'm Scot I have a plaid pair, because I have a thing for Paris one with the Eiffel tower and then a couple of Dovo, Ginger and many others. I just recently bough some grape scissors, only because I thought they looked great but don't cut. I still look at scissors all the time.

Mary said...

I won a pair of Dovo's a few years ago and I think they're my favorites. I don't see them in shops around me, though, or I'd have more of them.

Frummie said...

I have my grandmother's dress shears, 8" blades; 3 Gingher and 2 Elan 4" blades, i pair of grape, I too love to look at them, they are VERY old. Sadly I have never met an embroidery scissor that I could resist...too many to count. Some of my scissors have pretty fobs, but I much prefer to tie fabric instead. When I was going to bees every week, I would match the fabric I was sewing with the tie on the scissor, I could always find them...LOL.

Rita said...

I, too, love scissors and have many pairs. My favorites are my small Dovo and my 4" Ginghers. I just purchased Karen Kay Buckley's new scissors and they are great.

Jo R in KS said...

Well "George," I like scissors too. When I first started quilting, I bought two pair of Ginghers. Then I found Dovo. I think I have four pair of Dovos. You know, one for here. One for there. ;-)

Where did you find that gorgeous pair of Dovos in the first pic? Feel free to e-mail me in private.

I hope your flu is letting up.

Jackie said...

I love my Dovos too! I unfortunately put them some place "safe". So safe I can't remember where. So I've ordered another pair in a matte black with the hope that my brushed nickel ones will show up soon. I have a couple of 5" ginghers that I like too but there is nothing like the Dovos.

Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi Elaine!

I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I DO have a few special scissors!

Glad you gave us a few pointers and this helped me sharpen my future choices on another pair.... in case my senses ever get dull, in the meantime.

Sooo, let me cut to the chase and tell you that I'm truly loving your sharp wit and cutting sense of humour!


*who ran out of puns to write about!*


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

OOOoooooo, that first pair makes me lust in my heart....

MamaT said...

I have a lot of scissors, too. I have 2 Ginghers and several other cheap scissors for paper, etc. But I've never had a pair of Dovo's. What makes them so special. Do tell!