Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love on Valentine's Day

Valentine wishes from Jim. First he got me flowers and gave them to me early so that I would have time to enjoy them before leaving on my trip to Florida.
They are gorgeous...
And tonight when I got home from work, he gave me a wonderful card. The sentiment inside made me teary... I am so blessed by his love.
And then he gave me a "traveling companion" to take with me on my trip. This "tradition" started when we took our first "big" trip to British Columbia. I packed a little stuffed animal in Jim's luggage as a surprise and he would set it out wherever we stayed. With each trip that we've taken since, I continue to put a little "surprise" in his luggage. This time he surprised me with this "LOVEy" caterpillar!
"LOVEy" will be one of the first things I pack in my suitcase tomorrow! And when I get to Florida, I will set him out to enjoy the Florida air!

Color me LOVED!

Happy Valentine's Day!




May Kristin said...

So cute! :-)
Happy Valentines Day, and enjoy your trip to Florida!

Merilyn said...

How romantic!!! Have a great trip!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Elaine (and hubby)!!!!

The front of your card reminds me of what our 3A means....

In French: "Amie, Amour, Amant"

Translated, it would mean,
Friend, Love and Lover.

Can't wait to meet LOVEy, in person... as well as her mistress!


Barb said...

So sweet....lovely flowers!!

Sharon said...

Happy Valentines are blessed with a sweet husband! Enjoy your trip!

Mary said...

Aaawww, that is so sweet! You have such a nice hubsand.

tich said...

Have a wonderful time!!

Jeanne Lex said...

lucky calerpitter, going to warm Florida - lucky Elaine, to have such a thoughtful mate and loved one (going to Florida too!).