Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Git er Done" or "Soldier On" ?

That's the question! As I previously posted, my word for 2011 is "FINISH"... but I came across a dilemma with some of my projects that have been waiting a long time to be completed.

Remember my hand pieced "Which Way Is Up" quilt that I started on a United Airlines flight in April 2008? At the time we were on our way to Washington D.C (Cherry Blossom Festival). , Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Amish Quilts) and then Harrisonburg, Virginia  (National Quilt Museum).
Well, they're still just blocks ... not a quilt yet! They are all done but I would really like them to grow into a "FINISHED" quilt!
So here is my dilemma ...  Do I remain a purist and complete the quilt as I had originally intended to do? Or do I just finish it on the machine?

And then what about the quilting... send out to be machine quilted or should I hand quilt it? I want to be happy with my decisions but am stuck between "FINISH" and doing it as I had intended.

Any opinions out there??

Thanks in advance, I sure need to hear from you as I am spending too much time just "thinking" about it and that really is not getting it FINISHED!




Rosa Robichaud said...

Hand quilt! Is it very big?!??

If it's, for example, a queen size bed and you've only got 12 inches quilted on it, I would suggest that you send it off the Canada, on the East coast. I hear they have a FANTASTIC long arm quilter there!



Rosa Robichaud said...

OOOOPS..... I think the air's too cold in Canada and the people there can't READ properly!!!


Okay, they're still blocks. How many blocks? Do you suppose you could hand quilt this, before the end of the year? If not, send it off to your favorite LA quilter!

My 25 cents worth...


Mary said...

Finish it by machine. Another quilt crossed off the list is the way I look at it. We don't have enough time to get stuck and do all we want to do. Just my humble opinion.


Mary said...

What will make you happy when you look at it? "Finished" isn't always the only goal and this isn't a race. My vote is machine piece, hand quilt. If you work on the quilting while you watch TV in the evening, it doesn't take as much time as we expect.

What's going on with the job now?

(I'm not the same Mary as the one who wrote the previous post - obviously!)

Rita said...

You need to do what makes you happy. Personally, I would finish it by machine and send it out to be machine quilted. I have been sending out some of my tops to be quilted and now I can truly enjoy them.

pirate said...

I had a similar dilemma. I had hand-pieced a LOT of columns consisting of 4-patches on point and plain setting triangles. It finished as a twin sized top. I really wanted to have it hand-quilted; somehow it seemed more "respectful" of the process than machine quilting. BUT, I don't do hand-quilting.

The solution? I was able to barter my longarm quilting of a buddy's quilt for her hand-quilting mine. It worked out wonderfully for both of us.

Then I discovered a whole lot MORE hand-pieced 4-patches! aarrgghh!!! For those, I *did* machine piece the top and longarm quilted it myself ... and felt real good about it too. :-)

Amy R said...

I'd finish it by machine. I'd do some of the quilting by machine - the straight lines - to stabilize it then if you want hand quilt in the alternate blocks. Win - win - win. And, it will be done!

Jan said...

I love this quilt!!! Love the scrappiness to it. If you are wanting to cross some of your UFOs off your list, then send it out and have it quilted! The piecing is wonderful, it's going to look awesome whichever way you choose. :)

Merilyn said...

I guess it depends on how many other projects you have on the go, I think it was Rita who said that if you send it to the long-armer you can then enjoy it. I tend to agree, otherwise it remains a UFO where enjoyment is replaced by guilt of not having it finished, either way it'll be a beautiful piece of work (at least you handpieced the blocks!!). I'd machine it together, and get it done, so much more fun to to be able to snuggle into it as a completed quilt than stare at in bits!!! JMHO!!

Frummie said...

OMG! Send it out to Canada.



Anonymous said...

Elaine, your original intent was to hand piece, so you still love it sooooo much that you want to hand piece the end? Probably not, since you are asking "opionions". I think this quilt has moved into the "be done" group.... like the idea of part machine quilting to stabilize and then what ever hand quilting stricks your fancy.

Elly D said...

My Dear Elaine,
You may have started out with a plan to hand stitch the lot but plans can be changed :))
You know you want to get it finished by machine piecing the rest... you've done the hand sewing of the blocks.. why torture yourself with the thought of hand piecing the larger squares and those long long seams...if you had really wanted to do that then it would be done by now, right?? So go get out your machine and get it done..
Then if you feel you'd like this sent out for it to be long arm quilted... well... I know a good buddette of ours who can arrange for that to be done ;))
Go Rocky!!! You know you want to get to the next project ;)) Beautiful blocks btw, hugs Ellyx

Sew Unique Creations said...

Love this quilt pattern! Is it in a book??? Where can we find it! I have to add this to my "to do" list!

vivianjane said...

Sometimes a finish is most important. You can't be a purist on every quilt or you might only get 2 done a yr. I love finishing and sending it to someone else to machine quilt and then starting on another quilt makes me happy so that's what I always do. :)

Lisa said...

Many quilts are pieced by hand and machine as you describe. The blocks are portable and easy to hand piece but when one gets to assembling the blocks convenience takes precedence for many of us who have much to do. I say follow your heart! Either way it will be a finished project. Do let us know what you decide and best wishes that whatever you decide you enjoy the process, that is key. ~~Lisa

Jeanne Lex said...

Machine-piece and machine-quilt - get 'er done, so you can start another... move it along.

Jo Morton said...

Hi Elaine,
Finish it by machine, you have other hand projects underway. Done is a very good thing.
Jo in Nebraska