Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Correction: Sajou of France Scissors

On my post today, I stated that these beautiful scissors were Dovo. I had forgotten that they are Sajou of France scissors and was reminded of this through a comment and follow up e-mail that I received. 

Thank you Sharyn for bringing this to my attention, I had completely forgotten. 

I was also asked where I purchased these scissors... they are available through Nordic Needle or Silent Stitches.** Click on their name for the link to their websites.

Sorry for this error....



**No affiliation with either business. I just added them for your convenience if you were interested in purchasing either Dovo or Sajou of France scissors


Merilyn said...

I have a bit of thing for scissors myself. I actually have a pair of the faux tortiseshell handled scissors, you have the Mother of Pearl. They are the most gorgeous scissors. I got them from Silent Stitches, their packing and presentation was outstanding, I bought three other pairs while I as at it, naughty me! but I simply couldn't resist!!!

Sue said...

They are pretty. I just thought they were Dovo's with pretty handles :D