Saturday, January 29, 2011

What To Do...

There are sew many things that I want to do on my day off from work... what should I do?

I would love to sit and quilt my stamp basket quilt. It's ready but then there are my spool blocks I would also like to work on. And how about my signature quilt and those LeMoyne stars? And that "Peppermint Twist" quilt from a year ago that was started at "Road to California" with Jo Morton.
Do you ever have sew much that you want to work on that you spend all your time just wondering "what" to work on?
I should also get a few errands done in preparation for my upcoming trip to Florida but that takes up sew much time. 
And then there is the laundry that needs to be done ... well, I "could" do that while I sew!
Sometimes the day is gone before I decide what project I want to work on. I've spent my time just twiddling around in my sewing room! I do have a good time and that 's important but nothing gets done.  Has this happened to you? Do you feel that you go around in circles getting absolutely no where?
How do you decide what to work on? Do you stick with one project until completion or are you like me that have several going at once?  What about that enticing "new" project that quietly keeps calling your name? Do you start yet another?

Again, thank you in advance for your comments ... they really helped me with my dilemma about blogging and as you can see the result gave me the freedom to blog more often.

Thanks for being here...and listening reading!




Martha Bilski said...

Unfortunately I do the same thing! In order to combat this I make a list. Sometimes one list a day or an on going list in my calendar so I can see it and be reminded. The other thing I need to do is step away from my computer!iliest

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I do the same thing. It seems like I'm going in circles and then get sidetracked with something more pressing. I've not found the answer yet. I thought when my youngest son graduated from HS that I would have more time to quilt and sew, but so far that has not happened :-(

Jackie said...

Laundry and errands probably wouldn't make my list! I have several projects going at once. I can spend all day doing a little of this and a little of that and not a whole lot of anything. But it eventually gets just do what inspires you at the moment!

Rita said...

I do the exact same thing...but what a great problem to have. All your projects look wonderful. Peppermint twist is on my to-do list.

Sue said...

Guilty of doing the same thing- You certainly look like you have a dilemma a wonderful one at that.

Sew Unique Creations said...

You have a great day off work and I hope you get to work on as many goodies as you can! Also - just wanted to thank you for posting that picture of the container that you liked last week. I'm now officially addicted to those also. I placed my order on their website as my local Target was not much help!

Mary said...

I saw this on another blog recently. I think she decided to give herself three or four days per project, unless it was really+really almost finished, and then switch. I do machine work during the day (I'm retired so I can!) and hand work in front of the TV in the evening. Works for me!

Jennifer said...

What I work on depends on the mood I am in at the time......might feel like sitting quietly stitching......might feel like feeding pieces of fabric through the sewing machine.....might even feel like quilting! It's OK to do whatever you want to do at any time.

Mary said...

My husband yells at me for the same thing. I have several projects going to keep me from getting bored. But I tell myself that I am not allowed to start a brand new one until I finish one project. Sometimes it works... sometimes not.

Carol from Panama said...

I totally agree with Martha - I need to limit the time I spend on my computer. I have it on in my studio and I can see it from where I sit and sew and I get up and answer emails or think of something to look up on Google or decide to read a quilty blog - it really cuts into my sewing time.

I have lots of projects going at the same time. I like to have different things to work on. I've just started the new Inklingo Rainbow Flower - I couldn't resist another curved block.

I like to have an applique, a machine pieced and lots of hand pieced projects going at the same time. Right now I don't have an applique or a machine pieced project - but I have the fabrics and the patterns and hope to start soon.

Isn't it amazing that we have the same sewing containers - and we both blogged about them! I got mine at a local supermarket here in Panama - I also have several larger ones that I keep threads and sewing notions in. I like your raspberry top better than my black one - but I didn't have a choice.

Rosa Robichaud said...

What really lights a candle under my butt is those "time sensitive" projects.. You know? The ones that you ORIGINALLY told yourself, "Oh, I've got plenty of time to finish that."

Other than that, I sometimes do have those stare-at-the-wall moments, evenings and even full days. I guess your soul just needs those.... or your body's batteries just need to be recharged. *s*

And, I try as best as possible, to stay the course and finish my on-going project.... unless I suddenly remember that "time sensitive" project that I had somehow managed to put in the back of my brain and quaintly forgotten!


Tks for your blogs, Elaine... Enjoying them!!!!


Yvette said...

I do exactly what you do! LOL!! I have a list of projects that I have going and I try to pick something from that list.

I really adore all of those blocks you have in the photo.

Karen said...

You need to visit Carrie"s blog over at A Passion for Applique! She had the perfect solution recently, after she was feeling this same way! She took a timer and set it at 30 minutes and I think she had 4 or 5 projects. Each project she worked on for the 30 minutes and thus felt better for having worked on each project and didn't neglect any of them! I thought it was a great idea! :0)

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

I finished off my UFOs last year, I feel so clean..I'm never going to allow that to happen again. There were 'only' 14, what a waste of time and poor stewardship of money.
I also have been on the fabric wagon since 2001... soon I'll be a paragon :)

Merilyn said...

I know how you feel, precious days off not to be wasted. My laundry room is right next to the sewing room, so I always get my laundry done LOL, but I do slacken off a bit with general housework, it won't go anywhere and be there in another day or two, - my dictum is that you won't be remembered for your clean house, but what you have left behind in quilts etc, that is our legacy!! (gets me out of the guilts of not doing housework every time LOL!)

Elly D said...

Hmmm? I have the same problem Elaine, LOL.. and not just on my days off. Hmmm? wait a minute I don't get days off.
A list is good for guidance. It occasionally works I've got a list above my laptop on the wall with 6 projects to work on plus a DJ block. So yesterday and today I worked on... something not on the list at all. But I enjoyed it and it was so small I actually got it finished... Now that doesn't happen too often. Hugs Ellyx