Thursday, January 13, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog...

...That's my question. I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately. I'm actually having a dilemma about it. I have read blogs that have polls as to whether they should have music gently playing in the background as you read along or whether or not give-a-ways are a good idea. All sorts of questions to attract people to read your blog.

I've noticed that when I post a lot, my followers stay loyal. When I don't post, as one might expect, they loose interest and stop following. I can accept this. Sometimes, I just don't have anything to say that I feel people might be interested in reading. My life is pretty routine, there's the work part and then there's the play part. Hopefully, there is more play than work but not often! And no one wants to hear about my work...I can assure you that!  Even I don't want to hear about my work is the "necessary" part of my life and certainly NOT a play day!

So, my dilemma is whether to keep blogging or not and just "who" am I writing this for...myself or to the people who follow my blog? Should I be concerned that I'm loosing followers or should I just go with the intent that this is a chronicle for me? Do I offer give-a-ways or does that make me loose followers or should I even be concerned?

All questions that are ruminating through my mind...and the question remains the same...


I'm looking for answers ...

Thanks for your help on my dilemma!




paulette said...

Hi Elaine!
So glad to see your post...the way my blog is set up,if you post it pops up on the top of my sidebar. Then I know it's time to read today!! So YES, I am waiting here ready to read what you have to say! The way I look at it, blog for YOU not for me!! I will always be here...waiting...When you have something to say, say it! I will be reading...So you take care!! I love reading about your quilting adventures but do what makes YOU happy!!


karenfae said...

All the blogs that I want to read I have on my google reader - when someone posts a new post it shows on up the reader alerting me to a new posting and then I check it out. It doesn't matter to me if that is once a day, a week or month or whenever. But I will tell you this to those that have music start as soon I go to their blog they come off of my reader. I do not like to hear music from blogs as sometimes it startles me, I have no interest in other peoples music, sometimes the tv is on and it interferes. I am just not interested in blogs that blare out music and I know very few people who do, in fact I know a lot of bloggers who do not read the blogs that have music playing.
Blog for yourself - your own journal for you and your family or however you personally want to do it - that is what I do and if I have readers I have readers - if they go away they go away!

Vicki ♥ said...

Hi Elaine... I blog sometimes as a journal for me. It is a place to store things I want to keep..just in case my computer has a hissy fit and I loose everything on it. I can then refer to my blog to find things and I sometimes blog for my followers and well really I blog for a few reasons. Make it what you want it to be. The whole idea is it is your blog, so you put on it what you want. One thing I really dont like is music on blogs.. Have fun thats the main thing :)

Betweens said...

Hi is a simple answer if you don`t enjoy it don`t do it. If you do then do. I am not regular when I post quilting some projects take longer than others and life interfers.
I love when you post but also know that we only need to post when we `feel`that there is something interesting for yourself and for your followers.
I don`t expect anything from bloggers, because I don`t think they should expect from me. just enjoy it when there is something to post.
I also use google reader when the blogs post I read but I dont always comment either

Jan said...

I have a lot of blogs, family, photos, books, quilting, cooking; I only post when I want to, when I have something to say. It really works for me. You are in my google reader, so I'm aware of each new post. I think that's the way most bloggers work.

Amy R said...

Hi Elaine - I, like several of the others, have your blog in reader so I know when you post. Guess the best way to answer your question is to ask yourself what you want from your blog. If you blog for the fun of it and so those of us who know you can know what you are up to OR you blog to inspire others with similar interests - then blog when you have something to say. I think those bloggers out there who need followers and do giveaways do so because they are generating income from their blog - $$s based on # of followers or hits during the day. They need to do giveaways to generate income. As for music, not everyone is viewing your blog from a computer where music coming on is appropriate. They likely wouldn't be able to come to your site. Having said that tho, if the music you select is a part of you and the blog is for you to express yourself, then go for it! Cold here in MI, btw. . . . guessing you are warm and the sun is out. Lucky you!

Loris said...

Have the same musings going on in my head often :-) I do like reading others blogs for inspiration and have now actually made two good friends through blogging so I'm likely to keep it up with a few posts a month just so I am not anonymous to the bloggers I follow. I am trying to move a little faster through the process so it doesn't take up all my quilting time but that is tricky! As to music, if my volume is up...I immediately turn it down...the music is distracting and rarely what I want to listen to. My con is with blogs that have so much extra on their pages that it takes forever to pull up the screen.
Blog only without Obligation :-)

Susan Bish said...

Hi, Elaine,

Like many others here have stated, I have your blog listed in google reader so I am alert when you have posted a blog. I really do enjoy reading what you are doing and love seeing the pictures of your quilting journey. But if you are not enjoying it-- if it feels like a burden, then you need to let it go. This should bring you joy. If that is no longer the case, spend your time doing something that is fulfilling and joyful.

Susan Bish from Iowa

Frummie said...

Hi Sweetie,
I think if I had a baby I would post a blog. At 70 that's not likely...LOL!
I will SPEAK to you. Much better.
Love you,

dianne said...

i would miss you ... in fact, i DID miss you ... i love reading about your adventures - cruising and quilting and everything in between

so i hope that you don't go away ... i know - it's selfish of me - but that's the way i roll

p.s. - YOU are what brings me back, not giveaways or polls or music or whatever else

Jeannette said...

Hi Elaine
I have been pondering the same dilema over the last few weeks. I have not been posting as often as I should as life sometines gets in the way. I starting blogging for myself as a record of the quilting projects, bur find I am getting less and less time to spend on the computer and this time could be spent on the sewing machine. I love to read other peoples blogs but think I have decied to wean myself from the blogging world and try and spend more time on my sewing machine. I do love to read about other peoples adventures though so it might be difficult

Jan said...

Really good questions. I blog and enjoy it. I'm always trying to attract more readers. I try to think of what I'd like to see or read about. But mainly it's for me. As I look back it's great to see my quilting journey.

I personally don't like music on a blog. It distracts me.

One thing I'd like more of is comments. When I get comments I can start a conversation with readers and I feel connected. Otherwise, it's like writing to cyberspace. To unknown someones.

So I say write for the joy of it and see where it leads.

Anyone want to comment on my blog? :)


Barb said...

To blog or not to blog....that is the question...well...I will say as one of your commentors said, if you like to blog, then blog, if not, don't. I blog for me and the enjoyment it gives me. I also will make a book out of my blog. I need to do that now. I made a book out of my personal blog and so love it. So as a journal keeper, it is awesome.

Like the others, I have you in my google reader, you haven't lost me...good luck in your quest and I sure hope you continue to blog.

Rosa Robichaud said...

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!!

I LOVE looking at pictures AND you're working on a LOT of lovely hand pieced and embroidered quilts and projects, right?

SHARE with us!!!!

1 - I HATE music on blogs!

2 - Contests, once a year or so are fun, but certainly NOT necessary.

3 - As someone commented, I TOO use my blog as a journal.

4 - I love to read what's going on in my friend's lives and I love to share. YES, I love to blog! But, as some have mentioned, if you don't care to blog, then don't. Just remember - what you might find ho-hum-humdrum in your life, might be something COMPLETELY weird or different, in another part of the world. *grin*

Hope this helps!


Sewing Junkie said...

I have asked myself the same thing as of late. I like to read others journeys and I enjoy the blogs I look at. I am not always a follower, but I do read a lot of blogs. Many times I feel inadequate in my own blogging skills. It is a personal thing and to be involved is strictly your own choice. Chris

quiltmom said...

Hi Elaine,
Blogging, for me is a journey, Sometimes I find things to write about and other times, I have things to write about, but no pictures. Still other times, life gets in the way and I don't get back to it for a two or three weeks. It is my way of keeping a journal of our lives.
I think you should blog if you want to and because you enjoy it. I am not keen on music on the blogs but I don't hate it.
I think that most people think their own lives are pretty ordinary- and maybe they are, but others find things interesting from the stories we tell that are part of the daily fabrics of our lives.
I think contests are nice but not a requirement- at least not often. I was the lucky recipient of your birthday giveaway. The fabrics are beautiful but its not the reason I read your blog. I enjoy reading about what is happening in your part of the world.
I have won some very nice giveaways and recently done my own giveaway. Many bloggers do have contests, to have connections with new bloggers for their etsy shops or because they are running an on line business. Still others do it because its a way to meet new bloggers and because its a nice thing to do.
I know I will continue to follow your blog as long as you continue to write it.
May hope is that you do continue to write if it gives you pleasure and connections with others in blogland.
I have always loved the sign Blogging without Obligation.
One of the things I like best about blogging is the connections I have made with other quilters who share my love of quilting and quilt related things.
Paulette said Do what makes you happy- Your readers will be here as long as you wish to write.
Warmest regards,

Pokey said...

You are on my Google reader, I always peek in when you post, although I do not always comment. I do understand how you feel, but this is a loving friendly place for the most part, I've found. You should do this only if you enjoy it. Don't feel pressure. Make it your place, I'll peek in. (It looks like I'm not the only one...) :-}pokey

tich said...

I definitely think you should continue blogging. I get really disappointed when I click on your blog and don't see a new post. Your work is lovely, so post about it more.

Susan said...

Hello Elaine,

I read your blog as soon as you make a new entry. I know there was the "quiet spot" while you went through your "health journey". I too recently had a long quiet spot, due to starting my part time position as a school chaplain. All my creative work came to a major halt. I felt very disconnected creative wise, plus not keeping up with everyones blog.

But I've had a chance to catch up with the holidays. Now getting back into a couple of projects.

So I've been able to do a few posts as well. I too will only blog when I have something to share.

Giveaway's can be fun, but they can cause their own pressure, so only do it if you really want too. I for one have entered quite a few, but have given-up, as my name jumps out of the bowl, or hids in the random number generator's!!!

I will try and leave comments more, to encourage you.


Elly D said...

Okay, so I'm a cow's tail behind again;))
Everything Frummie and Rosa said ;))
I love blogs with loads of pictures. Though a little explanation of them is nice. If I see loads of text to read... that is too much like hard work... ha ha says she who blabbers on and on.... and on.. Music... well it was nice while it lasted and then someone some where in licensing land decided anyone out of the US wasn't allowed to listen to it.... so that makes no difference to me now.

I blog as a means of communication with other bloggers with similar interests and also as a motivator for myself to get some stitching done..(though a stick of dynamite may be a better alternative).. so I have something to post.
However, you don't owe anyone a regular posting and as someone said to me recently, you don't owe anyone an apology for not posting regularly. So now that I've rambled on I'd better go wash the bunny fluff out of my eye and get to bed. LOL.... Hugs Ellyx