Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ready to Hand Quilt

I'm getting my ready to hand quilt my stamp baskets. I still have to decide how I want to quilt it and what color thread to use. Pictured is YLI quilting thread, which I have used in the past. What color thread would you use? Do you have a favorite quilting thread?
Any quilting ideas? I would love to hear what you would do. Kathleen Tracy, the author of several books on doll quilts, mentioned "Think Small" on her blog.  It has over 300 miniature quilting designs! 
I have really enjoyed the whole process involved with making this project and now I'm looking forward to this final stage.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on quilting my stamp basket quilt!




Amy said...

I have always used the off white.I guess I need to try a different one some time.

Rosa Robichaud said...

OMG!!! Elaine's been "journaling" on a regular basis (AKA as blogging) AND she's ready to "quilt" a project!!!

I'm IMPRESSED, my friend!!!

When you doodle absentmindly, is there a particular flower or shape that you do, each time?

When you look at your baskets, do you see mini flowers flowing from them?

Or, do you just want to do cross hatching and not think about about any specific pattern?

Have fun with the decision process!


karenfae said...

I have several of those large spools of YLI thread - I use them mainly for hand piecing. For my hand quilting I love to use King Tut variegated threads I use colors that will show up to show off the quilting and compliment the quilt at the same time. Like for a brown/gold quilt I would use a variegated that has colors of brown, gold, beige & rust in it
It is all a matter of personal likes and dislikes.

Jeanette said...

I like your little quilt. I always use YLI lt brown (unless I use their black)

Mary said...

Beautiful quilt! I just missed getting the book. I waited a day too long and now it's not available.

I'd use the middle color - it will show just enough but not take over. And this is my favorite brand of quilting thread - I always came back to it if I switched so now I just stick with it. I'd quilt a grid or duplicate the basket in quilting in the setting squares.

Sue said...

I use YLIs light brown or ecru and I love their thread for hand quilting.

Your basket quilt is just so pretty. It's gonna look great.

I have that book that Kathleen Tracy suggested too and I love it. So far it's my favorite quilt design book. I am so glad she gave us the heads-up on that one!!

Enjoy your hand quilting !!

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Elaine... I have done lots of hand quilting... I would use the middle thread... the dark is too dark and the light is too light... What does YLI mean....