Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day!

I had lunch with my younger son who is getting ready to move to San Francisco for a new job. I will miss him dearly but he will love living in the "Big" city and this is a great career move for him. He is a computer engineer and will be working with top engineers on a new inventive program. Should keep him well challenged!

And I spent time sewing...I only have two seams left on my stamp basket quilt and then I can layer and begin the hand quilting. Here is my updated picture, again a little wonky as the two middle row are just pinned.
I've also been working on my spool blocks. I've made seven more since I last posted a picture of them. I don't know how I will set them or if I will just put them side by side but at least you can see my progress. I never though in-set seams could be so fun to sew!
I also purchased a roll-on tote for traveling yesterday, taking the recommendations of Bonnie Hunter over on her blog "Quiltville".  Her post is titled "What's In YOUR Carry On?" I found Rick Steves' "Avanti Rolling Tote" at our local luggage store and think it will be perfect for my travels.
Check out this's actually big enough to hold by Featherweight 221. Sorry about the picture but trust me, the machine fits!
And a place for my laptop...
It also has numberous other small compartments and two bottle holders on each side. It will be perfect for my sewing projects in-flight AND it fits underneath the seat. How perfect is that?!!! I think I have found exactly what I needed. No more sore shoulders for me...I'll be rolling now!

Yes, it was a PERFECT day...

Hope you all had one too!




Sue said...

Congratulations to your son for his wonderful new job.

Your basket quilt is just lovely! I really love those colors.

I have been working on my spool blocks too and just love these. They are addicting aren't they. I am not sure how big I'll let mine get but probably not too big. Have to get on to some other projects:)

Enjoy you evening!


karenfae said...

I bookmarked that site Bonnie mentioned too for the roll on bag - I love how you can fit a featherweight in it. I have not brought one with me on a plane before but I asked Bonnie and she said it wasn't too much trouble getting through security - they ask you to take it out and they look it over and rub a q-tip thing over it that test for drugs or bombs! But that it was done quickly.

Barb said...

Wow, your quilts are wonderful....

I know this sounds corny, but I do feel your pain in regards to your sons moving away..will be thinking of you.

paulette said...

Your projects are GORGEOUS!! Love them both!! AND I need one of those carry cases!! Awesome!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Elaine, I am new at your blog and loved reading it.

Congratulations to your son for his new job. We have two sons with good jobs and I am thankful.

All your projects that you have been working on are great. Love your colors and prints that you are using.

Thank you for showing us your find at "Target" Good idea, if it the streets are good today I might venture out to buy one of those stackers.

I will visit you again soon.

:0 Carolyn