Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things - TJ Thimbles

I LOVE TJ Thimbles...I was "introduced" to them at a work shop with Jo Morton down at "Road to California in 2010 when she used her finger pincushion. I saw it and knew that I "needed" to have one of my own. That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with TJ Thimbles.
My finger pincushion ... wonderful to use when I am hand piecing blocks and perfect when doing applique!
I use a TJ "open" thimble for quilting, the design is "Lacy Heart".  It is the one in the middle. The one on the right is her traditional "Hearts Band" closed thimble. I trade back and forth with these when hand quilting. The thimble on the left is part of Jim's Christmas gift to me. It's a "Yubinuki" thimble and I use it on my left middle finger, under the quilt that I am working on.
Also from Jim this past Christmas was TJ's Pedestal Basket Cage to hold my "Lacy Heart" thimble. It comes with a guard chain to protect my thimble should it accidentally open. Loosing my thimble would be terrible!
This picture shows the cage with my thimble enclosed and the beautiful chain that was also part of his gift. It was the best present he could have given's beautiful and functional, absolute perfection!
TJ Thimbles are perfect for me...light on my finger and very easy for me to use while working on my hand quilting project. 
Is there a special thimble that you use when doing your hand quilting? Do you wear a thimble when hand stitching? I'm curious to hear what you use...

Next up for favorite quilting tools ... scissors! Stay tuned!




karenfae said...

I have one of these thimbles also - very nice - thought about getting the cage but didn't.

Mary said...

I can't sew without a thimble! I wore out my favorite one - put a hole clear through the end of it. I love Nimble Thimble for applique - and so does my dog. She thinks they're tasty treats. Right now, I'm using Clover's to hand quilt and it seems to be working well.

Louise said...

Since 1974 I have been using a thimble I found in an antique store in Maine. I asked to try it on and it fit perfect and it is the only one I have ever used. I am amazed I have not lost it yet. I am curious how you are able to find the correct size on the TJ thimbles since they are ordered over the internet? I have looked at them but cannot justify purchasing just yet. I do have my eye on a solid gold one my daughter owns and never uses...I just received Kathleen Tracy's new book in the mail and I love it.

Lisa said...

They're gorgeous, indispensible and so pretty too. I usually do not use one and I currently sidelined briefly. ~~Lisa
Another 'Happy' SLO County resident

Rosa Robichaud said...

WOW.... nice thimbles!!!!

Can't wait to see them in person... Hmmm... you're bringing them along, right? *s*

*who's more into the dollar store variety of thimbles*

Royce said...

well i must go over and check out those thimbles, I've never seen any like that. Thanks for sharing

Sue said...

I am so glad you shared these with us. I have never heard of TJ thimbles so this was great information. I really have a hard time wearing one at all, but do use the thimblepads for my middle finger. My underneath finger just gets poked. I am beginning to get used to the Thimble Lady's thimble and that's nice!

Brigitte said...

hi Elaine, that's funny! When I was in Lancaster at the Heritage Quiltshow 2oo8 I bought exactly the same thimble ("Lacy Heart") and LOVE it - should try to get the finger pincushion as well. She is such a darling
greetings from frozen Germany