Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner by the Creek

Last night we had dinner at Novo, a trendy restaurant in old town San Luis Obispo. It had been a beautiful day so we decided an early dinner would be lovely and a good time to use the gift certificate that my oldest son had given us for Christmas. The patio dining overlooks the creek that runs through our city and is a wonderful place to have dinner on a warm, summer evening. Even though it's not summer yet, we sat out on the patio as they have large heaters installed to keep us toasty warm.
The patio is absolutely beautiful...
There are several levels set up for dining...
We started off with drinks and appetizers... love lemon drop martinis! Those are Shrimp Spring Rolls in the back of my lemon drop...YUM!
Here is a better picture of the Shrimp Spring Rolls and what's left of the Lettuce Wraps...

Then to the main course... I had Chow Novo which is a stir-fry bowl of fresh vegetables, beef and noodles.
Jim had Butternut Squash Curry. I was so full by this time that most of mine came home with me. It will be a real treat having it again ... that is IF I even get hungry today! 
However, there was room for dessert... a McDonnell Ice Cream Sundae and a latte!
It was a wonderful evening spent chatting over dinner and enjoying amazing food! It was fun for a change of pace but was I ever full!

I think I stuffed again just looking at the pictures!




Sue said...

Wow! That looks like a wonderful place for dining and the food looks just as wonderful.
How nice that you could spend the evening together in such a fine establishment:)

Stitches said...

Oh my gosh, Elaine, your dining out looks like a close to perfect evening. I am in envy of the green plants and shirt sleeves. Here in Iowa it will be a few month before we are back to just running outside without coats. The food looks really, really good too. I am getting hungry just looking at it. I'm glad you had a wonderful evening. Also, want to thank you for commenting on my blog the other day, it is always nice to see that someone is "looking" at it.

Rosa Robichaud said...

Shrimp spring rolls come in lettuce!??!?

Us, they look like egg rolls.

As for the food - I'd LOVE to have been there! Sounds like you 2 have a GREAT date!

Tks for the pics!


Frummie said...

Ditto for me!

Hugs Sweetie,


karenfae said...

Yummy! everything looks great, I love spring rolls and most Chinese food - the place looks wonderful and nice heaters too keep you warm also (or is it warm there already?)

norasdaughter said...

Gee, if we dined outside today they would have to give us ice choppers to get at our food! And it's hard to eat with mitttens on. Seriously, it looks like you had a wonderful evening and what a great gift from your family.
Susan in CT

Cheryl said...

Oh, I am jealous! The setting and the food look yummy, esp. that lemon drop!

Jo Morton said...

Beautiful outdoor restaurant and beautiful food - yum.
in snowy Nebraska, where the sun is shinning! It is beautiful here too, we ] can't eat outside just yet.