Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2012 Christmas Ornament Exchange

Here is my Christmas ornament that I made for the Jo Morton Stitcher's exchange.

I used 5/8 inch hexagon papers purchased from The back is identical to the front. I embroidered beads to the center fabric following the printed design of the fabric. After completing all the hexagons I then whip-stitched them together to make the "flower".

I whip-stitched the back to the front, stuffed it and then attached the bells and thread for hanging.

The pincushion is made using an antique salt cellar and the decorative pin is made from assorted beads.

I sure hope my exchange partner likes it!

Hope you all have a great day stitching...


Elaine at the beach

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Airplanes for Baby William

Brent and Tonya decorated the nursery in red, white and blue with an airplane theme. Brent's father was a pilot for American Airlines and a model plane buff. So it was to be an airplane quilt for Baby WIlliam.

I finished the quilt Thursday night, to be shipped out for machine quilting by Jo Richards of "Spotted Dog Quilting". And Baby William was born Friday morning, October 21st at 9:11, the same time I was shipping out the quilt!  A little early (6 weeks)  but weighed in at 5 pounds, 15 ounces. Great weight for a preemie and he's beautiful!

The quilt was made using Jo Morton Fabrics and the airplane block is "Lucky Lindy" created after Charles Lindbergh's nonstop solo flight from New York to Paris in 1927.

We are so happy for Brent and Tonya ... William Anthony, God's blessing to you!

Life is Good!



Sunday, August 7, 2011

The BIG Reveal in Tennessee

Will it be a boy or girl??
We were invited to Tennessee for a "Revealing" party for our good friends, Brent and Tonya, who are pregnant with their first child. They are a special couple to us and we decided we should be their for this monumental occasion. Both Jim and I were in their wedding 4 years ago, we consider them part of our family.

Of course, Tonya's OB doctor knew if it was a boy or girl. Then the results were given to the baker who was going to make the cupcakes, one of which would have the pink or blue filling in the center to designate boy or girl. The cupcakes were put together to make it "look" like a sheet cake. Here's a picture of Tonya getting ready to hand out the cupcakes.
We all waited until they were all given out, 42 cupcakes, and then we all bit into them at the same time. Amazingly enough Tonya got the one with the "special" center...and it was BLUE!
Brent and Tonya will be having a boy this coming December! What a wonderful blessing for them, we are so happy. And of course they would have been just as happy if they were to have a girl too!
Brent and Tonya...we were so blessed to be there with you for this special day!

Life is good!



Tuesday, August 2, 2011


WOW...It's been over 3 months since I've posted! I can't believe so much time has gone by...

Anyway, lots has happened. I went on retreat in June to Nebraska City, we moved to the beach, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Combo Type I and Type II  and then we went to Nashville, Tennessee for a "revealing" party for special friends of ours who are pregnant with their first child. The "revealing" party is for everyone to find out if they are having a boy or girl...more on this later. Oh, and then there was the patriotic churn dash exchange on the Jo Morton Stitchers yahoo group! 

Yes, it's been a very busy and frantic 3 months in my life!

Thank you for staying with me over this time. I have so much to write about so please check back soon!


Elaine at the Beach

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Liberty Quilt Retreat "Show and Tell" Part 2

As promised here is the second installment of "Show and Tell" from the Liberty Quilt Retreat this month in Nebraska City, Nebraska with Jo Morton.

The quilts shared were gorgeous...enjoy!

Courthouse Steps ... Jo's Little Women's Club Part 10
Churn Dash ... Jo Little women's Club Part 1
Autumn Cross Variation ... Jo's Little Women's CLub 9
 Churn Dash ... Jo's Little Club Part 1
The fabrics and colors were so rich!
Jane/OK used Jo's "Bird Chintz" fabric for her center...absolutely gorgeous!
Diane's version of "Wish Upon A Star"... fabulous LeMoyne stars!
Another of Diane's beautiful quilts!
Sew much creativity in these quilts ... and all so gorgeous!
I hope that you are enjoying my memories of a wonderful weekend filled with quilting, laughter, friends and good food... what could be better?

Stay tuned, I still have more to share with you from the Liberty Quilt Retreat!

Life is good...


PS: Please excuse that chair in a number of my photographs ... you think I could have moved it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Liberty Quilt Retreat "Show and Tell" Part 1

Show and tell was many absolutely gorgeous quilts! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy...

Remember the Signature Block Exchange over on the Jo Morton Stitcher's Yahoo group...well here is a version on Jo's "Kindred Spirit" quilt. 
Beautifully done...
And the center square is so wonderful and unique...last year Kathy Hall gave us all an applique heart made from real vintage fabric and then used a "Jo" fabric for the background piece. The previous year she embroidered two hands clasping each other. This quilt incorporates both into the center block...also notice Jo's signature block!
A close-up of the two hands...absolutely beautiful!
Gorgeous applique...
So beautiful ...
Gorgeous...the colors so vibrant!
Bold and absolutely beautiful...
Another beautiful quilt...the fabrics are wonderful!
Churn Dash quilts are one of my favorite and this one is no exception...beautiful! I love the fabric combinations!
Sew many quilts to share...stay tuned for part 2 of "Show and Tell" at the Liberty Quilt Retreat!



Monday, April 11, 2011

Liberty Quilt Retreat - Jo's Quilts

WOW...I can't believe that I've been home a week and just getting around to posting pictures of the Liberty Quilt Retreat with Jo Morton. Where does all the time go??

Okay, back to the retreat... first up is the quilt retreat project. The quilt is a square within a square or as it is named "Double Square"
Another view...
Here are my blocks...I used vintage Jo fabrics.
Jo showed her quilts from Club #10 of Jo's Little Women's Club. It was a real treat for me to see these quilts up close. Most of the ladies are lucky enough to have a JLWC in their area but I have to do mine on-line. So this showing was fabulous for me! 
"Vintage Holiday"...
"HST Challenge" (sorry about the photography, I think I was shaking from seeing all these fabulous quilts up close and personal)
"Lizzy's Little Quilt"
"Amy's Choice"
"Point of View"
"Redware & Harvest"
Again, so wonderful to actually see and touch these quilts...photographs just do not do them justice as they are all magnificent! The colors, texture and quilting are amazing in person!

Next post will be "Show and Tell" from the participants at the retreat and more "Jo" quilts. And they are GORGEOUS!!



Monday, April 4, 2011

California or Bust!

On my way home from the LIberty Quilt Retreat in Nebraska City, Nebraska. It's been a fabulous 6 days in Nebraska but I'm looking forward to going home and seeing my dear husband!

Pictures of the retreat will soon be posted and wait until you see the quilts that Jo Morton shared with us!


Life is good in Nebraska too!!



Monday, March 28, 2011

You've Got Scraps!

And the lucky winner of my scrap collection in my "Help Me Give-A-Way" is Sandie~call me crazy. 


Thank you all for your comments concerning scrap accumulation. I learned some great ideas ... if you haven't had an opportunity to read the comments for getting control over your scraps please take a few minutes and check them out. As I said there are some great ideas!

Again congratulations to Sandie... I hope that you will find a place for my scraps in one of your fabulous quilts!

Hope you have a great day stitching!



PS: Thank you to my dear husband for his help in picking the winning number...#14!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Simply Charming" - A Review

I just received Tara Lynn Darr's new book "Simply Charming, Small Scrap Quilts From Yesteryear"*...
It's a keeper...absolutely worth purchasing...If you like small scrap quilts this is a "must have"! There are 20 projects in Tara's book that are inspired from patterns of the past.
Here are a few samplings... "Stars Over The Mountain"
"Living Off The Scrap Basket"
"Mountain Pathways"
"Tabitha's Trinkets"
Tara's instructions are very clear and detailed.
Tara also shares her "time -tested tips" for working on small quilts!

I thought that this was a great quilting book, not only for the beginning quilter but for those that have lots of experience too. You'll finds quilts with baskets, flying geese, star blocks and sew much more. I loved them all!

Check out "Simply Charming, Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear," it's a keeper in my quilting corner!

I hope you have a great day stitching your heirlooms of the future... and don't forget to leave a comment on my March 24th post to be entered to win my scraps and tote. My "Help Me Give-A-Way" closes tomorrow night (Sunday, March 27th) at 11:59pm.



* No affiliation or connection to Tara Lynn Darr or Sew Unique Creations. This review is based strictly on my personal opinion.

Friday, March 25, 2011

On the Road Again ...Quilt Retreat WOO HOO!

Well, I guess that should be "In the air again"! Yes, I'm getting ready to leave for Nebraska for a quilting retreat with Jo Morton! I'm getting my bags packed so I'll be ready to go. Of course I started with my quilting and retreat supplies...the most important part of packing when going on a retreat or for that matter any trip!
And getting my "Jo" fabrics ready...
The focus fabrics are from Jo's older lines and background pieces from "Toasty" and "Attic Shirtings". I'm going to precut my fabric so it will be easier to pack and then once I get to the retreat, I will have a head start!

And there will be more "scraps" to add to my give-a-way tote! Please read yesterday's entry (March 24th) and enter to win my "Help Me Give-A-Way" and don't forget to tell me how you deal with your scrap accumulation!

Hope you all have a moment to stitch a little today!



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dilemma: Those Scraps..Help Me Give-A-Way!

I have a problem...a scrap accumulation problem!

These are great scraps, lots of Jo Morton fabrics that are large enough to make a mini or doll quilt. Strips left over from my "Abe's Log Cabin", triangles and squares from other various projects. These are good scraps...
And those triangles and squares...big enough to really make "something" cute!
What do you do with your scraps? Do you just toss them or do you have a ....GIVE-A-WAY??

Yes, that's how I can solve my problem....I'll have a Give-A-Way and I'll even include the Rubbermaid Tote that they are stored in and 5 fat quarters of civil war fabric to help you with your "scrap" project!

Please leave a comment on how you address the issue of scrap accumulation.

Give-A-Way will close on Sunday evening, March 27th at 11:59pm PDT (pacific daylight time) and be announced on Monday, March 28th. Please leave your e-mail for contact purposes... I would like to mail your package before I leave for my quilt retreat in Nebraska on March 30th.

And I am VERY interested in hearing your "scrap control methods".



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"My Quilt Shoppe" In Florida

Of course, we visited a quilt shop or two while in Florida... "My Quilt Shoppe" was my personal favorite!
I love walking into GREAT quilt shops!
Yes, they had beautiful quilts on the walls...
Absolutely beautiful quilts...
In fact, lots of gorgeous quilts were on their walls...
But they also had "Jo Morton" fabrics by the boatload!
In San Luis Obispo county, there is only ONE shop that carries "Jo" fabric , so when I actually get to see so much "up close and personal", I think I am in quilter's heaven!
We had a great time at "My Quilt Shoppe"!
And I left very happy!

It was an excellent day in Florida...