Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remember Those Spool Blocks?

At the Jo Morton retreat in September we also learned how to stamp and piece spool blocks using Cindy Blackberg's stamps
Remember this? It was my first block.
And here are my spool blocks now... finished block size will be 2 3/4 inches! I'm really enjoying making these small blocks!
They are so much fun! I still need to make more as I'm thinking about making them into a table topper. My "work box" for my spool blocks...lots more cut and ready to hand piece.
And so portable...ready to go at a moments notice. Did you notice that the Dovo scissors have blunt tips? I'm even airplane ready!

I'm loving hand piecing!




Rosa Robichaud said...

Elaine... these are SOOOOO cute!!!!

You're gonna have to change your title to "Hand Piecing Queen", pretty soon! *grin*


Frummie said...

nothing like hand piecing. Great work Elaine. Are they coming to Florida. If so...don't bring them. Help me use up my stash...LOL



Sue said...

Cindy's spools or Klosjes as they are called in Europe are so much fun. I am up to 120- Its a quilt for me.
Love the fabrics you have chosen.

Kigwit said...

Great blocks. I took a class from Cindy at the Houston quilt show this year. I bought a set of the spool stamps but haven't started those yet-although I am dying to do so!

Dena said...

Your spool blocks are so cute! I'm not sure my eyes could handle working so many little pieces. LOL

Karen said...

I like the colors you are using for the spool blocks.

Miriam said...

Wonderful spools, Elaine! I made about 50 earlier this year and just got the out again today to join them all together.
How many do you plan to make?

Hand piecing is the best!!!

Elly D said...

Two great projects Elaine!! Looking forward to seeing them finished! Very cute and delicious they'll be too!!


John'aLee said...

You look so organized. Love those blocks. Have you checked out Valentina's Corner. She is quite inspiring and makes these blocks too.
Great blog.