Monday, October 18, 2010

Retreat Projects

Jo's "Sewing in the Orchard" was a handwork retreat. We worked on applique and hand piecing using fabric we stamped with Cindy Blackberg's stamps
The project used her Spool Stamp set...

This is my "workstation". The pincushion was a gift from Jo to all of us who attended her retreat. They are salt cellars made into fabulous pincushions by Sandy Davenport in Washington. My pincushion was made from Jo's new "Annandale" fabric collection!
Here are the pieces of my block...
Working with different Jo fabric to make spool blocks...they all play so nicely together!
For our applique lesson, we first made a "technique sampler". Here we appliqued a bias strip made with Clover's Bias Tape Maker, a strip using Karen Buckley's "Perfect Stems" and then a curved strip using the back-basting method. 
Our "project" was a block from Jo's book "Prairie Flowers. Here is mine... and yes, I am still working on it! I was always somewhat leery of doing applique but with the back-basting method and Jo's lessons, I  am finding myself really enjoying the process!
And for a finished example, here is Holly's block. Isn't it gorgeous...she said that the leaves were "from the burning bush"!
Maybe someday I will be good at this but in the meantime I am enjoying the learning process. I feel good about attempting something "outside my comfort zone" too!

And learning means more classes and retreats. Looks like a win-win situation to me!




Cheryl said...

Sounds like a wonderful retreat! The little pincusion is just precious. Your applique looks wonderful. Hand piecing is something I would like to learn someday.

Amy R said...

Thanks for sharing Elaine~ The pincushion is just beautiful. . . and, so is your hand piecing and applique. And Holly's, well, she is a master for sure.

Karen said...

Cindy Blackberg was my first quilt teacher and she taught me well.

Maggey and Jim said...

Yes, I have seen so many of the European bloggers doing the spools. They have a different name for them too. How did you like the stamp method?? I am interested in the whole process?

Maggey and Jim said...

That retreat sounded so wonderful, loved all the projects and what shopping pleasures.. I hope I can make it next time..

Elly D said...

Enjoyed my visit to you blog Elaine :)
You had a great time at your Jo Retreat.
I have that book 'Prairie Flowers' One day I hope to make a start on it ;)
The little spools are adorable and that shop with all the Jo Morton fabric!! Bet you thought you'd died and gone to heaven ;) hugs Ellyx
ps nice to see you blogging again.

Sharon said...

Your blocks are adorable! I know you had a great time, I am envious! Have a great week.

Barb said...

What the spools and applique blocks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine! Thanks for the cool reminders of a great retreat. Will you be doing the handwork retreat again next year? Holly

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Hi Holly!

Yes! Definitely planning on attending again!

Nice to hear from you...I had THE best time!



Louise said...

Your little salt cellar pincushion that Jo gifted you with was made by one of our own local quilters. Sandy makes beautiful pincushions as well as beautiful quilts. I have three of her little pincushions in my own collection and love them all.

Shasta said...

Sounds like a wonderful retreat with lots of new things to learn.

searchfamilies said...

Love the spool set that a nice block also love your applique
Hugs Janice

Julia said...

I love the spools, and enjoyed making them, I made enough for a lap quilt.
Lucky you to meet up with her fabrics..
Julia ♥

tich said...

Loved the salt cellar pincushion and the applique.