Saturday, October 9, 2010

In the Midwest - Look out Nebraska!

My first time in the Mid West and my first retreat..."Sewing in the Orchard" with Jo Morton! I had to keep pinching myself that this was happening to me!

Off to Nebraska I went...
Not knowing anything about "Go Big Red", the car I rented turned out to be a red Mustang convertible...I fit right in!
Cute...but not the best option for traveling with suitcases! Next time I think a SUV would be more appropriate but I do look good driving a sports car. Hint, Hint!
I loved Nebraska, a beautiful state! I can't wait to return...Go Big Red!
Stay tuned for pictures of Jo's retreat...'Sewing In The Orchard" It was FABULOUS!!!




Rosa Robichaud said...

I STILL think a picture of you, with the top rolled down, dressed as either Louise or Thelma, would have been great!


LOVE that cute little car, BTW!


Carole from Omaha said...

Welcome to Nebraska, Elaine. this is quilter's heaven! Hope you got to check out lots of shops; so so many!!!