Friday, February 19, 2010

March Madness Give-A-Way

In anticipation of "March Madness", NCAA Tournament Basketball, I am having a quilting give-a-way. This is my gift to help you through the month of endless basketball games. My give-a-way will be all things "Quilt Related"!

To sign-up, please leave a comment on THIS posting. I will be selecting the winner on March 15, otherwise known as the "Ides of March".

Watch out for this one!!!

A Special Blessing Quilt

Our friends, Luke and Alyssa, are in the process of adopting a baby from Korea. They are "patiently" waiting for Kim, Joon's arrival in 3 to 6 months. So, I prepared a quilt for their "special" delivery and we tied it last Wednesday at our bible study.
The quilt is a "prayer quilt". As we tie each tie, we silently say a prayer, in this case for Kim, Joon
Everyone took part...Roxie and Chris.
Jim,  parents-to-be Alyssa and Luke...
Here is the quilt, all tied. Now I just have to put the binding on and add a label. then it will be ready for Kim, Joon when he makes his arrival in SLO.

God is good...

Spoiled on Valentine's Day

My Dear Husband is the best... for Valentine's Day we had decided to not do much. Yes, we exchanged cards but that was supposed to it for this year. Anyway, he broke the rule and got me a fabulous that keeps giving every couple of months...a subscription to "QUILTMANIA"!!
He ordered the subscription thru "Quiltmania" in France so to make sure that I didn't miss the current issue, he purchased a copy from "EQuilter" on-line. It arrived and he made sure to "decorate" the envelope...
Very creative, eh? He also got me a retractable scissor holder from the sewing store when he picked up my Bernina that was in for servicing. Thoughtful too, eh?
And he got a "special" dessert....
Just call me "Spoiled in SLO,CA

Life is good....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hand Piecing - "Judie's Four Patch"

I started this quilt on our cruise in October.  It's so easy to take along a hand piecing project and I really enjoyed working on it during our days at sea.
Such an easy pattern and works up really fast! Here is a close-up ...
This quilt was designed by Judie Rothermel, another one of my favorite quilt and fabric designers. The finished quilt is 32" x 40" and has a total of 80 four patch blocks. I am a little over half way with 46 blocks completed. For placement purposes, I decided to wait to join the blocks together until they were all completed. This way I can "see" what the completed top will look like before piecing it together.

I'm working on this today and my applique center for my "Peppermint Twist" quilt. I'm finding that I really love to hand piece and applique!

Fun projects and no stress, A PERFECT DAY!

Stress = High blood Pressure

Well, I'm off work for a couple of days. The dreaded "Stress" attacked and my blood pressure went sky high!
150/105 to be exact... stress is not good for you!

Treatment plan... relax with some hand sewing. Sounds like a great plan to get my blood pressure back to normal don't you think?