Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pressing Table

One of the ladies in my "Peppermint Twist" class had a great idea for a pressing table that I wanted to share with all of you. This pressing board is made from a wooden TV tray! I thought that this was a fabulous idea to have one of these next to my sewing machine or to take to my next quilting class!

Notice how the corners are folded and then turned over. A staple gun was used to secure the batting and pressing fabric to the tray. Two sheets of batting was used on this tray.

Underside view of stapling.

I was really impressed with this pressing table and so easy to make! Now I just have to find a wooden TV tray!

PS: Thank you to the ladies from San Diego for sharing their pressing table idea with me! 


Darlene said...

I made one of those a few years ago and love it! I bought a single TV table at Bed, Bath & Beyond. You'll love yours once you get it made.

karenfae said...

I have seen small wood tv tray tables at Wal-Mart
I have also seen this done by someone but I don't remember who!

dianne said...

now i'll have to look for a wooden tv tray ... i gave a set of four away a few years ago cuz no one wanted them - dagnabit

Terry said...

OH WOW, thanks so much for sharing this, as I am needing a new pressing board and I'm pretty sure I saw wooden TV trays at WalMart :)
Think I'll just buy a set of 4 and gift the other 3 to my daughters!

Warm Quilty Hugs,

Frummie said...

Then there is always the thrift store...LOL

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love this idea. I will have to keep an eye out for one of these little tables.

call me crazy said...

What a great little pressing station! Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart has these trays. I've seen many ladies make these...I just don't travel anywhere often enought to need one.
Envious of your Jo days!!