Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Peppermint Twist Progress

I get it...back basting that is! I finally can do applique. Shown here is the beginning of my applique for the center square on the "Peppermint Twist" quilt that I started in my class with Jo Morton at "Road to California"

OK, so its a slow process for me but the good news is that I can do this! After appliquéing the stem, I went ahead and basted all the leaves. Today, I got 4 1/2  leaves done and I really enjoyed it!

This is a work in progress and one that I think I'm really going to enjoy doing! 
Stay tuned for more updates...

PS: Interesting how the fabric looks darker in the second photo! Maybe I should take some photography classes, eh?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Downtown SLO

Mission San Luis Obispo De Tolusa, the fifth mission in California founded by Father Junipero Serra in September 1772

Front Portico of Mission San Luis Obipso De Tolusa.

Father Junipero Serro, founder of the California Missions. The chain of 21 missions are located along California's El Camino Real ( "The Royal Highway")

San Luis Obispo Creek that runs through downtown SLO. The Downtown Association has developed this area to include places to sit and a walking path. Situated along the creek are several restaurants that have outdoor eating to take advantage of the great weather and view.  Shopping downtown is mainly boutiques and restaurants... you won't find a "Box Store" anywhere near downtown SLO!

More of the creek ... a nice place just to sit and relax.

We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.
Thanks for sharing our walk downtown with us... Life is good!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Looking for Kirsten, California's New Happy Cow

We tried to find Kirsten this weekend here in SLO County....she's the new "California Happy Cow".

San Luis Obispo is a beautiful area so I thought Kirsten just might be headed our way. We traveled through some beautiful areas, green from our latest rain.

We saw water flowing in the streams, rivers...

and lakes.

We traveled the highway looking for her...

And we passed lots of "other" cows but Kirsten wasn't there.

We passed Cowboys on horses out for a ride.

The hills were alive with the "Sound of Music" as my dear husband even sang. We thought that it might attract Kirsten's attention if she was anywhere in the area!

But Kirsten was not to be found.

So Kirsten if your still looking for a great place to live with lots of open grazing, you'll find us on Highway 101. You are always welcome here!
We'll leave a light on for you...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner with Jo and the Girls!

Socializing over dinner with the ladies from Tracy, CA, Jo Morton and myself! Wow...this was a special occasion for me! From left to right: Mary, Kim, Jo, KathyJo and myself.

Now this was the icing on the cake for me for all time best experience at "Road to California"... an evening with Jo and the girls! Getting to know each other in person was FABULOUS!!!

Life is REALLY good...

Pressing Table

One of the ladies in my "Peppermint Twist" class had a great idea for a pressing table that I wanted to share with all of you. This pressing board is made from a wooden TV tray! I thought that this was a fabulous idea to have one of these next to my sewing machine or to take to my next quilting class!

Notice how the corners are folded and then turned over. A staple gun was used to secure the batting and pressing fabric to the tray. Two sheets of batting was used on this tray.

Underside view of stapling.

I was really impressed with this pressing table and so easy to make! Now I just have to find a wooden TV tray!

PS: Thank you to the ladies from San Diego for sharing their pressing table idea with me! 

Block Pressing with Jo Morton

Jo's method of pressing blocks...

Jo Morton demonstrated her way of pressing blocks that reduces the bulk of the seams. The blocks lay flat making quilting easier! 

Most blocks that we made in class have a "three-step" process for pressing. With the LeMoyne Star you start with the diamond points and press out then move to the  middle diamond seam pressing counter clock-wise. The center seams are "swirled".

The result a beautiful, flat block!

Sometimes the seam is not "pressed towards the dark" but pressed open. In making the Churn Dash block for "Peppermint Twist" the seam joining the rectangles is pressed open. Then Jo's" clipping trick" is done at the seam intersection  which is then also pressed open.

Another flat block...

Jo showed several different blocks and how they can be pressed to make it lay flay and easier to quilt. Here is the Bear Paw block... notice where you clip the seam intersection.

I learned that seams can be pressed open, especially for quilts that don't get a lot of heavy use as in a wall hanging. 

The block back...seams open!

The pressing techniques I learned in class were very valuable, especially for those small blocks that we love to make! 

More great tips and techniques learned from Jo Morton...her classes were fabulous!  So much to see, touch and especially learn!

What a great experience this was for me with Jo at "Road to California"
Life is good...

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Decorating with Small Quilts" Part 2

Jo Morton gave a slide presentation of decorating with quilts in your home. Whether you fold a quilt and put it at the bottom of your bed or have a small quilt as a center piece on your dining room table, it all looks fabulous! Jo's slides showed us how you can add interest to your decorating just by adding a small quilt.
Here are some of her small quilts...
"Nina's Doll Quilt #1"

"Cabin Corners"

"Courthouse Steps with Stars"

"Bittersweet" Four Patch Variation

"Bittersweet" Four Patch Variation using wovens

"Salem" Four Patch Variation

Doll Quilt -  48 scrappy squares

Sampler Doll Quilt

Doll Quilt - Half Square Triangles on Point

Here's Jo!

I throughly enjoyed Jo's lecture! Her quilts are gorgeous and to have the opportunity to see them "up close and personal" was fantastic... this week will certainly go done in my memory book of great times!

"Decorating with Small Quilts" Part 1

Jo Morton gave a lecture during "Road to California" on "Decorating with Small Quilts". She displayed wonderful quilts and then gave a slide presentation on decorating your home with them. Here are a few of the larger quilts that she showed:

"Picken's Lane"

"Indigo Moment"

"Midnight Garden"

"Patriotic Strippy Stars"

And check out the back...great idea for a label!

"Blue Bayou"

After Jo realized that the border was not mathematically correct, the border units do not line up with the points of the block, she redrafted it and made...
"Brown Bayou"

Next post will show Jo's "small" quilts and pressing techniques she uses in making them!