Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you the best Christmas gifts of all -

the love of family, the warmth of home, and memories so good that you just can't stop smiling.

Merry Christmas to All!



Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remember Those Spool Blocks?

At the Jo Morton retreat in September we also learned how to stamp and piece spool blocks using Cindy Blackberg's stamps
Remember this? It was my first block.
And here are my spool blocks now... finished block size will be 2 3/4 inches! I'm really enjoying making these small blocks!
They are so much fun! I still need to make more as I'm thinking about making them into a table topper. My "work box" for my spool blocks...lots more cut and ready to hand piece.
And so portable...ready to go at a moments notice. Did you notice that the Dovo scissors have blunt tips? I'm even airplane ready!

I'm loving hand piecing!



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stamp Basket Exchange Progress

I've been working on my Stamp Basket blocks for the Jo Morton exchange. They are all hand pieced using CIndy Blackberg's stamp set I committed to doing four sets of four blocks. I also have made one extra of each set for myself. To date, I have one set completely done and the bottoms of the other three sets. Here is a photo of my "work box"...
I have also pinned the applique handle onto the top portion of the stamp basket block. Now I just have to applique them on and sew the final seam to finish off the blocks. The stamp basket block will finish at 3 inches ... I love these small blocks!
I made my bias applique handle using Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Stems They were easy to sew on the machine and have been so easy to applique. I learned about using this type of applique stem from Jo Morton's retreat in September!

I am really enjoying hand piecing...very relaxing after a day at work!



Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday Give-A-Way Winner Announced!

It's my birthday today and time to announce the winner of my Civil War Birthday

And the winner is.... Quiltmom aka Anna!!

Thank you to all who participated in my Birthday Give-A-Way and for all the lovely birthday was greatly appreciated!


Elaine, The Birthday Girl

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Civil War Birthday Give-A-Way

In celebration of my birthday I am having my 2nd Annual Civil War Fabric Birthday Give-A-Way!
Please sign up by leaving a comment on this post
Winner will be selected by Random List Generator

Announced on my December 3rd Birthday!

I am on the slippery slop of approaching "OLD AGE" and again feel that having a give-a-way of civil war fabric is so appropriate for the occasion of my birthday! 

And it's MY favorite fabric!

Hope you will join in on my celebration!

PS: To participate in my give-a-way, please post a comment here and then post a link from my blog to yours. I would like to celebrate my birthday with all of you!


Elaine ...The Birthday Girl

And The Winner Is.....

SEWCALGAL is the WINNER of my 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Give-A-Way!!

Congatulations SEWCALGAL!

Please send me you mailing address so I can get your prize mailed to you.

Thank you to all who entered my Thanksgiving Give-A-Way, it was a pleasure to read all your comments and have you post my blog link to your blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!



PS: From the accounting firm of Elaine and Jim, the result of the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Give-A-Way was selected by Random Generator. There were 57 entries of which two people left duplicate posts and five people left two comments (only one comment per entry) leaving a total of 50 entries for the give-a-way.

Friday, November 19, 2010

2nd Annual Thanksgiving (Quilting) Give-A-Way

To share my many blessings I am having a 2nd Annual
 Thanksgiving (Quilting) Give-A Way!

To be entered into my drawing:
Please leave a comment on this posting and a post on YOUR blog linking it to my
 Thanksgiving (Quilting) Give-A-Way

Winner will be selected on Thanksgiving Day, November 25th by Random Selection.

Happy Thanksgiving to All



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pincushion Mania

There seems to be pincushion mania in Quilt Land...especially pincushions made from vintage salt cellars. My first one was from a Pincushion Exchange on the Jo Morton Yahoo group. It's perfect for my "take along" project kit.
At retreat, Jo gifted us with the cutest salt cellar pincushions made from her "Annandale" fabric collection. I love mine...
Jo has quite a collection too...
My newest addition was a gift from Amy R. She made me a "Sister's Pincushion" and its absolutely adorable! Amy embroidered the ladies from Jo's cute!
Amy also sent me the tiniest pincushion... it measures 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches!! It's precious!
Just another part of quilting that I am really enjoying... 

And I hope you are all finding enjoyment in your quilting experiences too!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Show and Tell with Jo Part II

And then Jo shared her quilts with us:
Gorgeous applique! One of my favorite's "Jo's Whig Rose" from her book "Traditions"
Another Jo favorite..."Warm Wishes" from Jo's "Vintage Journey" book.
"Prairie Basket" ...Another favorite of mine in "Yesterday's Charm"
"Second Hand Rose" from Jo's book "Remembrances"
"Baby Rose" from Jo's Little Women Club Part 7. I love the Jamestown fabrics!
Another favorite...well than again I think they are ALL my favorites!
Here is a close up of Jo's applique:
What a gorgeous collection of Jo's quilts to see "in person". They literally took my breathe away!

And there is still more to share...




Monday, October 18, 2010

Retreat Projects

Jo's "Sewing in the Orchard" was a handwork retreat. We worked on applique and hand piecing using fabric we stamped with Cindy Blackberg's stamps
The project used her Spool Stamp set...

This is my "workstation". The pincushion was a gift from Jo to all of us who attended her retreat. They are salt cellars made into fabulous pincushions by Sandy Davenport in Washington. My pincushion was made from Jo's new "Annandale" fabric collection!
Here are the pieces of my block...
Working with different Jo fabric to make spool blocks...they all play so nicely together!
For our applique lesson, we first made a "technique sampler". Here we appliqued a bias strip made with Clover's Bias Tape Maker, a strip using Karen Buckley's "Perfect Stems" and then a curved strip using the back-basting method. 
Our "project" was a block from Jo's book "Prairie Flowers. Here is mine... and yes, I am still working on it! I was always somewhat leery of doing applique but with the back-basting method and Jo's lessons, I  am finding myself really enjoying the process!
And for a finished example, here is Holly's block. Isn't it gorgeous...she said that the leaves were "from the burning bush"!
Maybe someday I will be good at this but in the meantime I am enjoying the learning process. I feel good about attempting something "outside my comfort zone" too!

And learning means more classes and retreats. Looks like a win-win situation to me!



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old and New Together

Kathy Hall from Andover Fabrics also attended Jo's "Sewing in the Orchard" retreat. She explained the process of how fabric is designed and how it is then printed. Kathy explained how reproduction fabric is designed from the antique piece and how you need to have the repeat design in the fabric to be able to reproduce it into "new" fabric. Very informative and really interesting!
Kathy gave each one of us a keepsake... an applique heart made with antique fabric using one of Jo's fabrics for the background piece. Old and the new together!
I had Jo and Kathy autograph my applique heart and when I came home I had it custom framed.
I have attached a small note to the back of the frame explaining the block and the "Sewing in the Orchard" retreat including the date.
Autographed by Jo and Kathy...priceless!

I love it!


Retreat Show and Tell Part I

Jo asked everyone who attended to bring a quilt or two along with them for "Show and Tell". I brought my DH's quilt as that was very special to me. He sewed it himself and then we had it long-arm quilted by my friend Rosa's DH of "The 3A's Quilting" in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. So you can say it is a "Very Manly Quilt" LOL!!
Others bought absolutely gorgeous quilts! What a talented group of ladies...
Donna Wells...Absolutely wonderful!
Amazing applique...beautifully done!
Jo Richard's Collection: Here is her "Sister's Quilt" from Jo's Little Women's Club #9
Amazing applique...and all long-arm quilted by JoR too!
Quilts by Holly Wagner...another wonderful quilter who shared her gorgeous quilts at retreat!
And check out her applique! It's absolutely beautiful... Holly's quilts are machine quilted! Fabulous workmanship! 

More "Sewing in the Orchard" to share with you...the retreat was amazing!



Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome to the Kimmel Center

"Sewing in the Orchard" was held at the Kimmel Center in Nebraska City. Wonderful facility ... Welcome!
There was lots of room to spread out all our quilting supplies and Jo even had a "Jo's Quilt Shop" set up if we needed to do some retail therapy. And of course, we all wanted enjoyed the convenience of a retreat and quilt shopping all under one roof!
Jo Richards, Kathy Hall and Jeane Tucker busy appliquéing. The retreat was very personable... not having the humming of a sewing machine provided lots of time to visit with one another and still sew! Good times!
"Jo's Quilt Shop"... I did some "therapy" shopping here! Of course, my luggage was heavier on my return flight, even without the California wine and homemade cookies that I had brought from home!
All the food was DELICIOUS!  From breakfast through dinner each day, we enjoyed wonderful meals together! Yummy Taco Salad for lunch!
I loved it here and can't wait to return for Jo's next retreat.

My next posting will be "Show and Tell"! Fabulous quilts and more great times!



Saturday, October 9, 2010

The "Quilted Moose"

After landing at Omaha Eppley Airport, I headed straight to the "Quilted Moose" in Gretna.

Well, let me correct that by saying I didn't take the direct route by any means! Thank goodness my phone has a navigation application! I had no idea what direction "north" was ... in California we have the ocean and mountains to use for direction. In Nebraska, there wasn't any "natural markers" so it was only after a couple of turn-arounds and detours that I arrived at the "Quilted Moose",

I froze "like a deer in headlights" when I opened the door!
And the Jo Morton Fabric...I have never seen so much in one place!
I went into fifth gear and zoomed ... I was "In a Jo Morton State of Mind"! They even had some of her earlier lines:
And of course her new lines:
And precut Jo fat quarters:
My trip to Nebraska would have been successful "if" this was the only place I went. But there still was the RETREAT .... "Sewing in the Orchard" at the Kimmel Center in Nebraska City!
Retreat pictures to follow... I was so blessed to be able to attend!

Stay tuned for more!

PS: Just in case you were wondering ... Yes, I was indeed an active participant in stimulating the economy at "The Quilted Moose".  In fact, I believe I was very helpful!