Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Rosa Wednesday"

In and around Saint John. My dear friend Rosa was our personal "tour guide" and she took us to many different "Places of Interest" in her city.

We went to the "Old City Market" that is similar to a "farmers market". The place was HUGE, taking up a full city block in length. The structure was constructed in 1876 and its interior is modeled after the inverted hull of a ship. The market has a wide variety of local seafood, meat and produce as well as an array of different crafts. Truly an amazing "market"!

Rosa took me to her "local" quilt shop... really cute but I was astonished the price of a yard (meter) of fabric! WOW...!

Then she took us to her home for "dinner"... the noon meal. This was amazing ... she had prepared LOBSTER for us. Can you imagine?!! It was a feast!!

The lobster....

Rosa fixing some homemade potato salad for us...

Jim is a happy camper...ready for lobster and "Moosehead" beer!

And I am ready to eat...just as soon as Rosa teaches me "how" to "crack" the lobster and pull out the delicious meat!

"Thunder" was not interested in lobster... but had excellent manners with "new" company in his home!

We had such a good time ... what a truly wonderful experience to meet one of my quilting buddettes "in person". Rosa felt like a "sister" to me, I felt a such a bond between us. I truly hope one day we can "see" each other again and give each other lots of hugs. For now though, I will always have my memories and Wednesday's will always be known as "Rosa Wednesday".  Thank you Rosa for a day that I will always hold close to my heart... I  love you Rosa.


omashee aka Barb said...

Elaine, you lucky duck! Going on the cruise was amazing enough. But to get to meet a quilting buddy and eat lobster in her home. That's over the top! Love your cruise updates. keep 'em coming!

Rosa Robichaud said...


I should start calling Wednesdays... "E & J Days"!!!


Had an incredible time and THANKS for sharing pics!!!


Elly D said...

I've had fun seeing the pics of you at Rosa's... hope you managed that lobster :)) tricky little blighters so they are, LOL.. hugs Elly