Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quebec City, Quebec - Day 2 October 23

Can you believe the weather change from yesterday? It was still quite cold but clear skies! Absolutely a gorgeous day here in Quebec City!

Chateau De Frontenac on a very clear day... beautiful hotel!

We went into a wonderful hat shop where we purchased two very warm hats. Even though the day was clear, it was quite cold. Jim's hat even has flaps that come down to keep his ears warm! Great looking too!!
La Fresque des Quebecois is a famous wall mural on the exterior of a building near Place Royale in Old Quebec. Twelve artists joined together, from Canada and France, to create this masterpiece in Quebec City.
The four seasons are depicted in the mural, with Winter at the top and working down to Fall, Summer then Spring. With the snow on the ground, it looks like it ends in Winter! 

My good friend, Rosa, told us that we must try the "poutines" while in Quebec City. Poutine is a dish consisting of french fries topped with fresh cheese curd, covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients. Jim had the traditional poutine and I had mine with marinara sauce. They are also known as "heart attack in a bowl"! They were delicious!

Jim enjoyed "Le Fin du Monde" beer with his poutine. It is a Canadian beer produced in Quebec by Unibroue.

After lunch we decided to take a carriage ride around Old Town, Quebec City. A fabulous way to travel through town to view the Parliament building, the Plains of Abraham and the wall that surrounds the city and so much more my head was spinning! The driver was very good in taking us all over, it was really a unique excursion trough Quebec City. The town was so beautiful, in some places still covered in snow!
Our day has ended in Quebec City... time to head back to the Constellation.


searchfamilies said...

All the photos look great glad you had a good time
Hugs Janice

Rosa Robichaud said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! you have NO IDEA how much I appreciate reading your blog and oogling your pictures!!!

Thank you, Elaine!!!

*Canadian Polar Bear Hugs*

karenfae said...

this sounds like a trip that I just might enjoy! touring all those places and eating all that good food - no wonder you wake up early and hit the treadmill!