Saturday, November 7, 2009

Embarkation Day - Part 2 October 16th

Tons and tons of food and beverage products loaded into the ship for our voyage. I was amazed of the many pallets of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Not only is the ship loaded with food at the beginning of the cruise but at various ports along the way, more fresh food products are taken aboard.
There was NEVER a shortage of food!

This is the "Memorial" at Harbor View Park at Cape Bayonne, New Jersey in memory of 911. For more information please visit the web site at As we left port we passed this very somber memorial for the 911 tragedy with its symbolism of a tear drop.

Good-bye Cape Bayonne, New Jersey...

Straight ahead the Atlantic Ocean!

First stop...Boston, Massachusetts

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Rosa Robichaud said...

Well, I didn't realize that that teardrop monument really and truly existed. *grin*

Tks for sharing.

As for the fresh fruit and veggies, I never realized that it came on bord, on the pallets.. DUH!!!!...

And I'm a witness to all the wonderful food, Elaine!