Thursday, October 15, 2009

Preparing for Departure...

Suitcases packed...okay so there was ALOT to pack! We ended up with 5 bags to check-in and two carry-ons each.
It's a 15 day cruise ... need i say more? Anyway, I do think Jim took MORE clothes than me.

We were going to take a taxi to the airport but it would have to be a LARGE taxi so Kathy and David (BIL and SIL) offered us the use of their pick-up truck... It was PERFECT! Thanks so much!

And now were off... to Newark, New Jersey to board the cruise ship to New England and Canada.

Elaine headed East


MamaT said...

I was worried about you since I hadn't seen a post in a while. I guess this means you are much better. Have a great trip!

Elly D said...

OH MY! ROFL! Did you get stung for excess luggage? Hope you had a great time and are back safe and sound and have had a good rest :)) hugs Elly