Monday, August 24, 2009

New Give-A-Ways in Blogland

Check out these fabulous reproduction fabrics over at Lurline's blog

Aren't they great??

Over at my good friend Frummie's blog is another give-a-way. She is have a "Two for Two" give-a-way... two yards of two co-ordinating fabrics. Check it out and sign up on her blog.

Sign up on Lurline's and Frummie's blogs for these great Give-A-Ways!! You never know, you might just win some great fabric!



PS: Don't forget to also check out my "Civil War" give-a-way post.  See post below.....


Rosa Robichaud said...

LOL.... in MY part of the world, if you're picking up a "Two Four".... means you're heading out to the Liquor Store to buy a case of 24 bottles of beer. *grin*

Not sure if everyone, in different parts of the world, say this. *s*


Dena said...

I just love the prints Lurline is offering as a give-away on her blog.