Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Night at the Teppan Grill...

A night out with co-workers took us to "Yanagi Sushi and Grill" in Pismo Beach. Here we were treated to the amazing cooking skills of "Bob". He dazzled us with his extraordinary ability  on the teppan grill. As this was my first time to sit at a teppan grill I was impressed. However I opted out for the sushi instead... I 'll never turn down a chance to have fresh sushi! And it was fabulous!!

Fast cooking on the grill. The vegetables were so fresh and Bob quickly cooked them up! Yummy!

Raw onion volcano... alcohol was poured in the top of the ring of onions and then ignited. Quite impressive up close... a very creative use of onion rings and fire. 

PS: Please don't try this at home!


Rosa Robichaud said...

OMG!!! I went to this kind of restaurant, when I lived in British Colombia (other side of the country), with a bunch of RCMP's and their wives, for a Christmas party.

That was many, MANY moons ago, though... but I DO remember having a GREAT time!

Glad you took the high road and chose what you wanted, Elena... *shuddering at her choice*


BOWNS - word identification:
Tha skelatun had bowns.
*written by a child in a phonetics class*

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I've only been one time to one of these type of places - different name I'm sure it is about the same though as we saw the onion volcano too. Food was wonderful!