Friday, June 5, 2009

Grandmother's Flower Garden

In the late 1980's I started on a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. I really enjoyed making the blocks, it was so relaxing to just sit and stitch the hexagons together. Now I should really "do" something more with them ...there was lots of work put into these blocks! It seems like such a shame to just have them sit on a shelf in my sewing room!
A closer look at some of my Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks. I did 93 blocks, all done using English Paper Piecing. I made my own paper hexagons, a very tedious task! The fabric is not my favorite now...I would like them in Civil War reproductions much more!! Maybe one day I will make another... I am fascinated by the 0.25 size hexagon! Now that I have Inklingo, the process would certainly be faster. If you are not familar with Inklingo, please check out Linda Franz's website at for more details.

And the back of one of my blocks. This was my "take-along" project and it was done mostly on my lunch breaks at work... very relaxing for me to take time out to stitch! Like I said, now I just have to figure out what I should "do" with them! LOL!


karenfae said...

I have a grandmothers flower garden that my grandma made - just the top it isn't quilted, parts are falling apart - maybe one day I will fix it and quilt it - who knows.

Rosa Robichaud said...

LOVE the flowers, in your garden, Elena!!!

Tks for sharing!

(SEE?!?? I told ya you'd have plenty to share with us, eh?!??)



Catherine said...

Pretty flowers! I have an older GFG sitting unfinished as well from pre-Inklingo days. Thankfully, I had used a .75" hexagon, so will now print whatever I now need to finish the top off and join them using a running stitch!

Lorraine said...

A customer of mine had made a number of grandmother's flower garden blocks unlike yourself a long time ago...she said she didn't like them anymore, so I suggested that she might consider tea dyeing them which she did...and she was really pleased with the "old fashioned" result. Just thought I'd mention it to you.

Karen said...

Love the flowers from your garden! :)

Elly D said...

They look wonderful Elaine. Maybe you could chose a CW fabric to put between them to link them up.
Soo much work in them as you say.
EP Hexes were my very first intro to patchwork.