Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chopstick Mania

Dinner was at Sushi Ichiban Train in Morgan Hill. Excellent, fresh sushi and fantastic service. 
My DH provided the entertainment... a guide into the many uses of chopsticks. This is "The Mustache"

The Walrus... great for entertaining children in restaurants. 

Groucho Marx Impersonator. Available for group parties...please call ahead for reservations.

Hearing-aid antenna. Self explanatory.

Fire-starter... rapidly rub two chopsticks together to "spark" your fire. Handy when without heat, use for heating and cooking.


Rosa Robichaud said...

LOL ! ! ! ! ! ! !

LOVED the pics and lessons!!!

Amazing how one of you LOVES to be in FRONT of the camera and the other LOVES to be BEHIND the camera, eh?!??!


What is that expression? A picture tells a thousand words? Hmmm.. something like that. Anyhow, by the pictures, I would say that you two are DEFINITELY having fun!!!

Tks for sharing pics!


blessedmommyof2 said...

heehee, that is great!

Elly D said...

What a great sense of humour your hubby has, and handsome too :))
Thank you for sharing these fun pictures,