Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quilted Prayers

Luke and Alyssa tying in prayers for Mom, Dad and Baby Russell. Lots and lots of prayers.

Roxie, Chris and Jim tying in their prayers. The total number of square knots in the quilt is 274 . Lots of prayers for Mom, Dad and Baby Russell.

Quilt for Baby Russell. The quilt is to be tied by Branches, our Bible Study group. As you tie the square knot, you silently say a prayer , thus tying the prayer into the quilt. This concept of tying in the prayers is from the "Prayers & Squares Ministry. For more information on this ministry please check out their website at
I will still have the binding to do after it is tied. Then it will be given to the Carters.


Loris said...

Cute quilt and an awesome idea! If I figure out that a quilt I am making is going to someone in particular, I think and pray about them most of the time I'm sewing. Seems to just come on it's own. What a wonderful thing for a family. I will add some prayer for them as well.

karenfae said...

neat quilt, I had never heard of tying in prayers - good way to get the men involved to it looks like.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Neat idea Elaine and I LOVE the way you used up that fabric with the rulers! I've got a few fabrics like that and have been sitting on them for awhile to think of a good way of using those large scale 'striped' fabrics...wonderful idea!

I also spend a lot of time praying for people I'm making a quilt for...great way to multi task eh?

Hugs from Canada,