Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ready to Rock-n-Roll

All the fat 8ths for Grandma's Apron swap that will be mailed with the Heart 2 Heart swap.
I am still waiting to receive four bundles of hearts before I can swap those out. Hopefully they will all be received within the next couple of days. Looking forward to mailing everything out just as soon as possible!


Rosa Robichaud said...

You're probably wondering if it's worth the effort to take pictures of these "aprons" and "hearts" and then, uploading them to your computer and THEN, blogging about them... but I'm here, to tell you ....


I LOVE to read your blog AND to see a glimpse of what I will be receiving... these teasing pictures are entertaining and fodder for my over-active imagination! LOL

Tks a bunch, Elaine!


Cyn ;-) Calif/USA said...

ooooooh! Can't wait... glad u posted some pics to tickle our fancies. lol

Catherine said...

Those swap packages look so pretty!