Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sawtooth Star Block Exchange

Jo Morton Stitcher's Sawtooth Star Block Exchange. All Jo Morton fabric used to make up these 4 1/2 inch unfinished blocks (4 inch finished). Great use of fabric and color combinations!
There were 38 participants: two from Australia, one from Canada, one from Norway and the rest from the United States.

Now the big task is to swap out the blocks and get them posted in the mail! I can't wait for everyone to receive these amazing blocks!

It will be great to see the quilts that come from these blocks...a true "Tribute to Jo" quilt! A big thank you to everyone who participated to make this swap such a huge success!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Which Way Is Up?" ...Progress Report

Close up of several of my blocks. I'm really enjoying this project, I can take it anywhere and its so relaxing! You can't believe what you can get done just waiting for an appointment!

Update on my hand piecing project, "Which Way Is Up?"... I only have 6 more blocks to make then I can start setting them. There will be a setting block in-between these blocks. The setting block fabric was difficult for me to choose ... I want to keep the era of Civil War but at the same time have something that would make each block stand out on its own. I'm still not happy with what I have picked but have some time before it is all put together to rethink my choice!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Gorgeous Day!

Just another day in California... we are taking in the sun at "Jo Mama's" coffee shop in Avila Beach. Weather is perfect! 

Heading for "Spikes" (Beer Pub in downtown SLO) to try out the newly released Guinness 250th Anniversary Stout.

Can't get any better than this, eh? Well I guess I could be quilting and drinking beer!

Life is Good...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My "Precious"

Here she is, my new Mac Book ... isn't she a beauty?
I know there is a learning curve going from a PC to a Mac but I am ready for the change. To help with the transition, I've signed up for a workshop in "Getting Started With Your Mac". This will be a huge benefit for both Jim and myself. In the meantime, it will be the "learn by doing" approach. Pretty high tech, eh?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Computer from D-E-L-L or make that H- - -

After three factory restores and the "Blue Screen of Death" my new laptop has been returned to Dell. It was sad to box up the little beauty but she had a horrible disposition! And it came down to either her or me...as you can see I won!
Today, I am purchasing a Mac Book. I look forward to not having anything to do with Dell and their support team. The purchase will be local so "if" I have any problems I can go straight to the source and get their help. Mac also provides a 24/7 home support service located in Texas, not in India as some other computer support services do.
I am looking forward to the day I don't have to deal with "COMPUTER ISSUES".

PS. Not in any way associated with Dell or Apple computers...just a innocent computer user.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Heart 2 Heart Swap

I started to swap out the Heart 2 Heart blocks yesterday. The received hearts are gorgeous and vary so much in fabric and design... a really nice collection! The hearts pictured are by Wenche Martinsen of Norway and are stunning ( sorry the photo does not do them justice). Wenche does beautiful work!
I still am waiting on one more package to arrive then I will be able to get them posted and on their way.
Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Heart 2 Heart swap!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quilted Prayers

Luke and Alyssa tying in prayers for Mom, Dad and Baby Russell. Lots and lots of prayers.

Roxie, Chris and Jim tying in their prayers. The total number of square knots in the quilt is 274 . Lots of prayers for Mom, Dad and Baby Russell.

Quilt for Baby Russell. The quilt is to be tied by Branches, our Bible Study group. As you tie the square knot, you silently say a prayer , thus tying the prayer into the quilt. This concept of tying in the prayers is from the "Prayers & Squares Ministry. For more information on this ministry please check out their website at http://www.prayerquilt.org/
I will still have the binding to do after it is tied. Then it will be given to the Carters.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ready to Rock-n-Roll

All the fat 8ths for Grandma's Apron swap that will be mailed with the Heart 2 Heart swap.
I am still waiting to receive four bundles of hearts before I can swap those out. Hopefully they will all be received within the next couple of days. Looking forward to mailing everything out just as soon as possible!


My husband Jim....we are at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco to see the "Nutcracker" ballet this past Christmas. I finally saw "Phantom of the Opera" and we had the opprotunity for a back stage tour from one of the cast members. We had a fabulous time and memories that will last a lifetime. Life is good!
PS: Jim rides a Harley but he sure cleans up well and looks great in a tux!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Grandma's Apron Ready, Set, Mail... Almost!

All ready to bag and put into mailing envelopes. Yipee!
Again, I am amazed on the variety of fabrics received. It certainly was a fun swap!
They will be mailed on Monday, April 6th.

Grandma's Apron Fat 8th Swap

And here they are....almost ready to be packaged up! Some of them will be mailed tomorrow or Monday. Ladies...look out here they come!

I think it's a nice selection of 30's - 40's reproduction fabric. Hope you all like them too!

Here they are...fabulous 30's to 40's fat 8th for the Grandma's Apron Fat 8th Swap. All bundles are in and I can start swapping them out. I can't wait for everyone to receive them back!