Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vote Now..."California Happy Cow"

Only 11 days left to vote for the next "California Happy Cow" at

I don't want to tell you "who" to vote for BUT "Kirsten" looks awfully cold and would love the warm temperatures in California.  "Kirsten" is from Canada!

Vote now!



PS: No affiliation  to "California Real Milk" or the "California Happy Cow" contest. 

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Celebrate Me Home..." 100th Post!

As in the Kenny Loggins song..."Celebrate Me Home" what a way to share my 100th post than to post pictures of my grandchildren!

Hannah and Grams

Father and Daughter sharing a moment...


Happy Birthday he is 3!

Father and Son

Grandchildren are the BEST!

I love you both so much...

Big Hugs,


It rained in California?

Rain finally arrived in California...much needed!

It even rained enough to be measured...2 1/2 inches! And we might even get more this week! Good news...

Gifts from Rosa

Gifts from Rosa... Fabulous fat quarters of "Anne of Green Gables" fabric. They were packaged as a book...and the "pages" inside were the fat quarters!

Aren't these wonderful? I thinking of making a table runner with them, a dual way to remember our excursion to Prince Edward Island and Rosa! Those chenille strips will be used in a wall hanging I'm planning to make for my grandchildren...they will be perfect!

Thanks again Rosa for the great gifts and especially for your friendship...I am so blessed.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Memories...the corners of my mind!

Now that the routine has come back into my daily life,  I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe that we actually went on such an amazing vacation ... our cruise to New England and Canada!

So here are some reminders that I keep close in my "Bank of Memories"...

Yes, we were in Canada...Jim's "Mug Shot"

And I did get to Saint John, New Brunswick to meet my dear friend, Rosa.
What a wonderful time we had on "Rosa Wednesday"!*

It was the "Best of Times"

* Please check out m previous post on "Rosa Wednesday" for details if you missed it!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Announcing Birthday Give-A-Way Winner!



Please send me your mailing address so I can send out your Civil War fabrics





PS: For accounting purposes there were a total of 63 entries. Of these, 62 were submitted into the "Random List Generator" as one entry was posted twice. 

Thanks again for participating in my Give-A-Way. I really have a great time reading all the comments and then reading your blogs. What a great way to meet other quilters!

Until next time....

Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Bye Canada... Hello New Jersey, October 30th

We loved our cruise to New England and Canada but unfortunately it was now time to return to the "real world". Good bye Canada...

Hello New Jersey...early morning skyline of the city!

And we passed the lady...The Statue of Liberty as we entered Cape Bayonne, New Jersey. We have had an amazing vacation on the Celebrity Constellation, one we will be talking about and remembering for along time!

Thanks for sharing our journey with us!



PS: I thought of chaining myself in our cabin since I really wasn't ready to leave... Jim thought it wasn't a good idea! Foiled again!!!

**Remember to leave your comment on my Birthday Post to be entered in my Civil War Birthday Give-A-Way**

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Civil War Birthday Give-A-Way

In celebration of my birthday I am having a Civil War Fabric Give-A-Way!

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Announced on my December 3rd Birthday!

I will be "OLDER" and thought Civil War era fabric was very appropriate!

Hope you will join in on my celebration!

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You just need to join in my celebration by leaving a comment!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home of Moosehead Beer...Saint John

Saint John, New Brunswick is the home to Moosehead Beer. This was one of Jim's personal favorite stops on the cruise. Rosa even served Jim a  "Moosehead Pale Ale" with his lobster dinner!

Ready for dinner back on board the Constellation...Jim decked out in his "Moosehead" scarf! He was a hit at our table!

And as were were getting ready to leave port a piper played... and I thought of my mom and knew that she was with us on our travels.

What a memorable day this has been in Saint John, New Brunswick...Life is good!

"Rosa Wednesday"

In and around Saint John. My dear friend Rosa was our personal "tour guide" and she took us to many different "Places of Interest" in her city.

We went to the "Old City Market" that is similar to a "farmers market". The place was HUGE, taking up a full city block in length. The structure was constructed in 1876 and its interior is modeled after the inverted hull of a ship. The market has a wide variety of local seafood, meat and produce as well as an array of different crafts. Truly an amazing "market"!

Rosa took me to her "local" quilt shop... really cute but I was astonished the price of a yard (meter) of fabric! WOW...!

Then she took us to her home for "dinner"... the noon meal. This was amazing ... she had prepared LOBSTER for us. Can you imagine?!! It was a feast!!

The lobster....

Rosa fixing some homemade potato salad for us...

Jim is a happy camper...ready for lobster and "Moosehead" beer!

And I am ready to eat...just as soon as Rosa teaches me "how" to "crack" the lobster and pull out the delicious meat!

"Thunder" was not interested in lobster... but had excellent manners with "new" company in his home!

We had such a good time ... what a truly wonderful experience to meet one of my quilting buddettes "in person". Rosa felt like a "sister" to me, I felt a such a bond between us. I truly hope one day we can "see" each other again and give each other lots of hugs. For now though, I will always have my memories and Wednesday's will always be known as "Rosa Wednesday".  Thank you Rosa for a day that I will always hold close to my heart... I  love you Rosa.

Saint John (Bay of Fundy) New Brunswick Part 2

Celebrity Constellation in port in Saint John, the largest city in New Brunswick.

The Bay of Fundy. Twice daily, the tides of the Bay of Fundy rise faster than the river can empty. When this happens, the tides push the river upstream, causing the rapids to run in the opposite direction and the St. John River to flow backwards. The Reversing Falls is a natural phenomenon, the tides are the highest in the world!

"Slack" time in the Bay of Fundy....

We went back to the same spot later in the day when the tide was starting to rise.

Another view. This was so interesting that we even bought a DVD explaining the phenomenon with time-lapse photography over a 24 hour time period. For more information on the Bay of Fundy please visit

Thursday, November 26, 2009

And the Thanksgiving Give-A-Way Winner Is....



Your SURPRISE PACKAGE will be mailed out to you this week... I hope you will enjoy it!

Thanks to everyone for participating in my give-a-way! I love reading all your comments and checking out your blogs!

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!



PS: For accounting purposes there were 48 entries. Only 42 were included in the "Random List Generator" as 6 people had 2 entries each. Thank to all for entering and posting links to my blog announcing this give-a-way!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saint John, New Brunswick October 28th Part 1

Sunrise over Saint John, New Brunswick as we arrive in port. This is a very special day for me as I will be meeting, in person for the first time, my good friend Rosa. She will be meeting us at the dock and then we will take her aboard the Constellation for a tour and breakfast. I can hardly wait!!

We have docked....and now we will meet up with ROSA!!!

Here we are on Deck 3, Main Lobby.

Giving Rosa a tour on the ship which included trying out the teak lounge chairs on Deck 10. Our view from this side of the ship is the Atlantic Ocean. From here we went to have breakfast at the Seaside Cafe.
We showed Rosa our cabin and the major highlights on board...the pools, the spa & gym, the restaurants  and the casino.
Now is was time to tour Saint John... but first shopping at the dock!

This is the "Moosehead Brewing" Shop. Just had to get a picture of us with the moose!
Wow...I still can't believe we had a whole day to spend with Rosa!
A what a great day it was...more to come!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sydney, Nova Scotia October 26th

At the port, as seen from our balcony...Cape Breton is a region that is known as a center for distinctive Celtic music. The "Fiddle" is a tribute to the music of the area. The highland music is mixed with the music of the Acadians, the fiddles of the Scottish immigrants and the Irish that soon followed to settle in the providence.
We walked around the town, visiting St. Patrick's Church Museum, local pharmacies and boutiques. The day was cold and very windy but the fall colors were amazing!
St. Patrick's Church...

Fall colors....

And my first experience with "Tim Horton" Coffee...highly recommended by good friend Rosa...

And enjoying a good "cup of java".

Life is good....

Beautiful city and gorgeous day but it's time to leave for Saint John, New Brunswick and to see my good friend Rosa. We have a day at sea, our last formal night and then we will be in Saint John. Rosa and I will finally meet...I can hardly wait!

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest providence. The island is famous for its beautiful rolling farmland, scattered forests and dramatic coastline. There are numerous beaches, wetlands and sand dunes along the coast. As legend goes, the coves were popular with rum-runners during the days of prohibition in the United States.

Along the coast...

We ended our time on PEI with a lobster roll...delicious! We had a perfect day! Time to head back to the Constellation for departure to Sydney, Nova Scotia.
See you there...